Minority Development Internship Program


Duquesne University's commitment to fostering diversity on its campus led to the call for more under-represented groups, women and minorities, in leadership roles in the institution's strategic plan. This plan also aligns closely with the University's mission statement, which references concern for moral and spiritual values through the maintenance of an ecumenical atmosphere open to diversity.

Increasing targeted recruitment efforts required the establishment of strong alliances with community employment programs. However, it was quickly recognized that this effort alone would not guarantee an increased representation of minorities in the employment candidate pools. An even more proactive approach was necessary to better reflect the extent of the University's commitment to diversity and increase the success of its minority employee recruitment efforts.

The Minority Development Internship Program was created to provide employment opportunities to unemployed or underemployed college-educated minorities through compensated, full-time temporary employment. The program launched in fall of 2007 with the selection of two interns.  We now have five fully funded positions.

The goals of this program are to:

  • Offer basic managerial training to professionals of minority background.
  • Identify campus departments and programs that had a project or short-term assignment.
  • Define learning objectives and outcomes.
  • Set goals and measure performance. 
  • Place the interns for a period of three to six months with the goal of rotating them through academic departments and business units once the assignment is complete.
  • Provide opportunities for interns to build upon their knowledge, skills, and abilities and increase their chances to qualify for permanent employment opportunities at Duquesne or at other organizations.

This initiative has helped to facilitate the permanent employment of minority professionals and increase the chances of retaining them. 

For more information about Duquesne University's Minority Development Internship Programs, please contact the Office of Human Resources at (412) 396-5104.