Applicant Instructions for Act 153 Checks


Based on position duties, certain employees will be required to undergo the following background checks:Pennsylvania Act 153 requires employees working at educational institutions who have direct contact and routine interaction with minors to obtain three different background clearances:

  • Pennsylvania Criminal History Check through the Pennsylvania State Police (Act 34)
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Check through the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (Act 33)
  • FBI Criminal History Check; this check requires the individual to submit their fingerprints to the FBI (Act 114)

Duquesne University has contracted with HireRight to facilitate employee background checks for faculty, staff, and student employees.

What Applicants Can Expect

Communication from HireRight

When a background check is initiated, applicants will receive an email from HireRight requesting some basic information.  The new hire will also be asked to provide consent for HireRight to perform a background check on behalf of Duquesne University.   

Act 34 - PA Criminal History Check 

No action is needed on the applicant's part in order to initiate an Act 34 check.  Results of the Act 34 check will be sent directly to the Office of Human Resources by HireRight.

Act 33 - PA Child Abuse History Check

While HireRight assists in the facilitation of a PA Act 33 check, the employee must request the check him/herself.  Please click here to access detailed instructions on initiating an Act 33 check.

Act 114 - FBI Criminal History Check

The applicant must apply for the FBI criminal history check her/himself.  Please click here to access detailed instructions on initiating an Act 114 check.