Access to Employment Personnel Files


Under Pennsylvania Law, current employees have the right to examine certain material in their personnel file, located in the Office of Human Resources. The term employee includes any person currently employed, laid off with reemployment rights, or on a leave of absence. It does not include applicants for employment. Terminated employees do not have the right to view their file.


Employees may view certain items in their personnel file including any application for employment; wage or salary information; notices of commendations; letters of warning or discipline; authorization for a deduction or withholding of pay; fringe benefit information; leave records; and employment history with the employer including salary information, job title, dates of changes, retirement record, attendance records, and performance evaluations.

Material not available for examination includes records of an employee relating to the investigation of a possible criminal offense, letters of reference, documents which are being developed or prepared for civil, criminal, or grievance procedures, medical records, materials which are used by the employer to plan for future operations or information available to the employee under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

An employee may designate an agent to review the file on their behalf. An employee shall provide to the employer a signed authorization designating a specific individual or individuals who shall be authorized to inspect the employee's personnel file. The signed authorization shall be for a specific date or dates and shall indicate either the purpose for which the inspection is authorized or the particular parts of the employee's personnel file which the designated agent is authorized to inspect. An employee or the employee's designee may review the file, not jointly together.

Employees desiring to examine their personnel file must download and submit the Personnel File Access Request Form. The request is required to be submitted three business days in advance. Upon completion of the Personnel File Access Request Form, an appointment will be scheduled to view the personnel file in the Office of Human Resources. Employee records are available during the regular business hours of the Office of Human Resources and on the free time of the employee.

Employees may not remove their personnel file or any of its contents from the area in which it is made available to them. Employees are not permitted to photocopy any contents of their personnel file. Human Resources will not provide photocopies of the file. Employees may take notes while reviewing their personnel file. If the employee disagrees with any information contained in the personnel file, they may place a counter statement in the file.