Employment of Non-Exempt Employees and Student Employees


To manage the statutory provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and over-time rule, the IRS regulations governing student tax exempt status, and University budgetary resources including the Federal College Work Study Grant as it relate to non-exempt and student employees.
The University is committed to a student aide policy with a strong career development component and wherever possible reflective of their interests and career goals. The intent is to maximize the benefits inherent in student employment for the greatest number of students with regards to statutory requirements and the management of all financial resources.


Student Employees: All student employees are limited to working one position on campus. This includes graduate and undergraduate students, research assistants and students paid ‘tuition in lieu of salary'. All hours worked are to be tracked and reported to the Payroll department by the prescribed deadlines.

Non-exempt employees (full and part-time): Employees in this category are also limited to one job on-campus. Provisions of the Wage and Hour Laws do not permit an employee to be paid as both hourly and salaried. Additionally, all hours worked are to be tracked and reported to the Payroll department for compliance to over-time laws and budgetary limits.

For additional information referencing work hours refer to The Administrative Policy (TAP) 11.
Questions concerning the policy can be directed to hrservices@duq.edu.

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