Processing New Hire Act 33, 34, and 114 background checks


This document gives an overview of the process for initiating Act 33, 34, and 114 background checks for new hires.


A member of the hiring department (Business Manager, hiring manager, or other individual) will have the new hire complete an employment application, release form, and personal data sheet.

The hiring department will send employment application, release form, and personal data sheet to Human Resources and request that background checks be initiated for the new hire. These items should saved to the secure shared drive or be sent to as separate email attachments.
Human Resources will request that the appropriate checks be initiated by our vendor, Pre-Check. While every effort is made to initiate background checks as soon as possible, lead time is required.

New hire will receive an email from an employee at Pre-Check (email address will appear as [Employee Name] with the subject line DUQUESNE EMPLOYMENT. See attached example.

  • Act 33
    The email from Pre-Check will include an attachment with instructions on how the new hire should initiate Act 33. This document will also include a unique, one-time payment code. See attached example.
  • Act 34
    Pre-Check will initiate Act 34 on behalf of the applicant. No action is required by the applicant.
  • Act 114
    The email from Pre-Check will include an attachment with instructions on how to register for Act 114 fingerprints and set up a fingerprinting appointment. This document will also include a unique, one-time payment code. See attached example.

New hires must use the provided payment codes in order to have Duquesne cover background check costs. Duquesne University cannot provide reimbursement if the new hire has also received a payment code.

Appendix 1: Example Email from Pre-Check

Example Email

Appendix 2: Act 33 Instructions and Payment Code

In order to complete the electronic application for the Pennsylvania Act 33 Clearance per Duquesne University, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to:
2. Click "Create A New Account"
3. Read and click "Next" in the bottom right corner
4. Enter the following information, then click "Finish"
    a. Keystone ID: This is the username that you will use to sign in
    b. First Name
    c. Last Name
    d. Date of Birth
    e. E-mail
    f. Security Questions: Three are required
    g. The security question at the bottom ensures that you are not a robot
5. After you hit "Finish," an email will be sent to your email with a temporary password
    a. Open a new tab and go to your email inbox
    b. Open the message titled "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - New account information"
    c. Scroll down and copy the bolded temporary password
6. Return to:
7. Click "Login"
8. Select "Access My Clearances"
9. Read and click "Continue"
    a. You will be taken to the Login screen
10. Enter the Keystone ID/username that you selected
11. Enter the temporary password
12. Following the prompts, create a permanent password
13. Login using permanent password
14. Read and accept terms and conditions, then click "Next"
15. After reading the "Learn More" information, click "Continue"
16. Click "Create Clearance Application"
17. Scroll down and click "Begin"
18. As the Application Purpose, select: "School Employee Governed by Public School Code: Applying as a school employee who is required to obtain background checks pursuant to Section 111 of the Public School Code"
19. Complete Part 1 of the application in its entirety
20. At the end, you will need to enter payment information.
Input the following code: XXXXXXXXXXX (Each payment code is unique and will not work properly if shared)
21. Submit application

Please note that you MUST use the payment code provided above. Until the online application is completed in its entirety and submitted, the search will not be initiated. Once ordered, these searches may be completed instantly, or may take up to several weeks to be completed.

Upon completion, results will be sent directly to Duquesne University for their review.
Please contact if you have any questions about this process or if you have any issues filling out the application.

Appendix 3: Act 114 Instructions

Instructions for FBI Fingerprint Criminal Background Check

To apply for an FBI Criminal History Check, you must register online and then submit fingerprints at an approved fingerprinting site.

Clearance results will be sent via U.S. mail to the address you use during the online registration process. This should occur within 3 weeks.

Applicants must complete the following steps:

1. Register online for fingerprinting.
2. Go to an approved fingerprinting site for print collection.
3. Pay for fingerprinting using the code provided in Step 12 and obtain a receipt.
4. Receive fingerprint results in mail and provide to HR.

Detailed Instructions Are Below.

1. Go to

2. For Service Code, Enter ‘1KG756' click ‘Go'.

Service Code

3. Click ‘Schedule or Manage Appointment'


4. Provide your legal name, date of birth, and method of contact. You must enter ‘NMN' if you do not have a middle name. Click "Next" when complete.

5. Provide citizenship information and click "Next" when complete.

6. Provide answers to the questions listed.
Mark yes for the third question and utilize the provided Authorization Code in step 12.

7. Provide the requested information.

8. For Mailing Address, make sure you enter the mailing address where you would like your results to be sent. If your home or permanent address is different from your mailing address, you can provide this information in the additional field.

9. Confirm which photo ID document you will bring with you to the fingerprint appointment. You must bring this document with you when you go to have your fingerprint collection.

10. Choose the fingerprint site where you will have your fingerprints taken. You can identify the sites closest to Duquesne by searching for ‘15219'.

11. Select a date and time for a specific appointment; click submit when done.

12. The next page is the confirmation screen. This page will confirm your unique registration ID, the estimated amount due and the methods of payment accepted at the location of your choice. Please bring this information with you to your fingerprint appointment.


1. FINAL STEP: Go to the location you selected for your appointment. When complete, you will be given a receipt.

Email a copy of this receipt to for our records.

Questions? Contact Heidi Bachner (412-396-5104) or Marla Bradford (412-396-1403)

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