Mission Statement

The Association provides retired Duquesne University faculty and staff with the opportunity to:

  • Stay connected to the University
  • Participate in social, recreational and educational activities

The Association is an active and supportive member of the University community and supports the mission of the University.

Duquesne University Retirees Association By-laws 

DURA By-laws


In the early 1990's a group of Duquesne University retirees met and discussed the possibility of forming an organization that would enable themselves and other retirees to remain connected. The goal was to provide activities that would bring retirees back to campus, provide recreational, educational and social opportunities, as well as provide educational speakers and experiences. In other words, WE HAVE FUN TOGETHER!

An informal committee was formed to investigate the possibilities and Dr. John Murray, then President of the University, was contacted and asked to approve the formation of the organization and provide sponsorship by making available meeting space and mailing support. Retirees from all segments of the University would be invited to become members.

Dr. Murray approved and the organization was then born with John Davis becoming the first president. Dorothy Mary became treasurer and Marguerite Puhl became secretary.

DURA now functions with a Board of Directors and various committees.