Staff Advisory Council


The mission of the Duquesne University Staff Advisory Council (DUSAC) is to provide active and direct communication to appropriate University officials on matters of interest or concern to University non-faculty, non-union employees. DUSAC is a forum for input and discussion of issues important to staff members, supporting the Duquesne University Mission. DUSAC does not address subjects within the purview of existing University committees or individual complaints/grievances.


Rita McCaffreyChair: Rita McCaffrey
Serving the Mission Since: 2009
Department: Communication & Rhetorical Studies
Title: Administrative Assistant II
University Role: Works closely with the Department Endowed Chair to ensure the department runs smoothly and meets all deadlines. Responsible for budget management, scheduling, undergraduate and graduate recruitment, time entry, graduate application files (assisting applicant and review committee), annual report compilation, conference and department event planning, travel arrangements, purchasing card maintenance, assisting with debate and department honor society activities, and assisting the Chair in his duties as Executive Director of the state Communication Association.
Sub-Committee: Vice-Chair
Random/Fun Fact: Avid Notre Dame fan who enjoys running, biking, CrossFit classes, skiing and sailing with her husband and children.

Calvin DemillionVice Chair: Calvin Demillion
Serving the Mission Since: 2011
Planning & Budget
Budget Analyst
University Role:
Provide budget assistance for the university
Random/Fun Fact:
Grew up in the San Francisco/Bay Area

Dr. Joe DeCrostaDr. Joe DeCrosta
Serving the Mission Since: 1998
Department: Office of International Programs
Title: Director, International Programs
University Role: Oversees and manages operations and programs that are related to international student admissions and recruitment, immigration and regulation, and student services and works closely with study abroad operations and programs as well as the English as a Second Language program.
Sub-Committee: Chair, DUSAC
Random/Fun Fact: Visited 50 countries; has met former President Obama.

Kim Dasilva
Information to come.

Sean FlahertySean Flaherty
Serving the Mission Since: 2013
Department: Nursing
Title: Director of Operations
University Role: Responsible for day-to-day operations of the nursing division with specific attention to online academic operations.
Sub-Committee: Staff Survey
Random/Fun Fact: Lived in Austin, Texas for five years before returning to Pittsburgh.

Debbie KostoskyDebbie Kostosky
Serving the Mission Since: 1998
Department: Spiritan Campus Ministry
Title: Campus Minister
University Role: Takes care of the University Chapel of the Holy Spirit and all who serve and worship there. Coordinates all liturgies on campus including the training and scheduling of all liturgical volunteers. Coordinates all wedding rehearsals and weddings including all Diocesan required paperwork. Facilitates two staff community-based service projects as well as an on-going community-based service project for students. Staff advisor for the student-led weekly Rosary Prayer Group in the chapel. Staff advisor for the Student Leadership Board for the monthly Agape Latte events on campus.

Bobbi PenzBobbi Penz
Serving the Mission Since: 2006
Department: Controller; Student Accounts
Title: Manager
University Role: Oversees the Student Accounts Office. The department is in charge of billing and collection of tuition.
Sub-Committee: DUSAC Website
Random/Fun Fact: Second time being an employee of DU. Worked at Duquesne for nine years; stayed home for 11 to raise a daughter (who became a Duquesne graduate in 2017) then returned in 2006.

Joe SettingJoseph Setting

Serving the Mission Since: 1998 (was an undergraduate); 2006 (as an employee)  
Title: Associate Athletic Director for Business
University Role: Direct oversight of all business and financial operations in the Department of Athletics.
Random/Fun Fact: Was Head Women’s Rowing coach for 11 years here at Duquesne before moving into Athletics administration.

Amy StroyneAmy Stroyne
Serving the Mission Since: 2007
Department: School of Pharmacy
Title: Assistant to the Dean
Sub-Committee: DUSAC Mission
Random/Fun Fact: Half-marathon runner

Paula SweitzerPaula Sweitzer 
Serving the Mission Since: 2001
Department: Environmental Health and Safety
Title: Director
University Role: Monitors local, state, and federal laws/regulations/codes, maintainins policies/procedures, implements numerous safety trainings, evacuation drills and inspections of buildings and equipment. As part of the EHS department, oversees/monitors the University safety committees: University Safety Committee, Laboratory Safety Committee, and the Labor/Management Safety Committee.
Sub-Committee: DUSAC Mission
Random/Fun Fact: Spends her free time being a mom of two awesome girls (Audrey, 11 and Julia, 4); loves taking small trips and enjoying family time.

Taylor TobiasTaylor Tobias
Serving the Mission Since: 2004
Department: Office of Marketing and Communications
Title: Senior Graphic & Multimedia Designer
University Role: Responsible for creating design concepts, graphics, photos, and other visual materials for a variety of print and digital media, including advertisements, brochures, posters, magazines, animations and video, to strengthen the University brand and image.
Sub-Committee: DUSAC Website
Random/Fun Fact: Has a rescue dog that is half German Shepherd, half Chihuahua (yes, really!)

Tamara TrembulakTamara Trembulak

Serving the Mission Since: 2002  
Department: Freshman Development and Disability Services
Title: Assistant Director
University Role: Budget management, website management, sending out letters of accommodations for students with disabilities, scheduling exams for students with disabilities, assisting with the event planning for DULA, FAST, Orientation, Family Weekend, Night of Lights, Spring Orientation and Phi Eta Sigma Inductions.

Terri WidenhoferTerri Widenhofer
Serving the Mission Since: 2015
Department: Biological Sciences
Title: Financial Coordinator
University Role: Responsible for managing the daily financial operations of the Department of Biological Sciences.
Sub-Committee: DUSAC Mission
Random/Fun Fact: Owns a bar/restaurant/music venue in Butler County.