Mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

All full-time undergraduate, full-time graduate and first professional students, law school students, and international students (full-time and part-time), are required to have comprehensive medical coverage in the Pittsburgh area. To comply with this mandate, students must either enroll in the Duquesne University Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) OR waive out of it with proof of health insurance that meets the below list of criteria.
Before you waive the Duquesne SHIP:

Contact your insurance carrier to find out if you have comprehensive coverage in Pittsburgh, PA. Area providers and Duquesne University Health Services will bill for services, and you will be solely responsible for those medical expenses your insurance does not cover.

Your plan must:

  • NOT exclude pre-existing conditions
  • PAY providers directly (no reimbursement policies)
  • INCLUDE mental health coverage
  • NOT exclude payment for illness or injury occurring under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • SPAN the entire student registration (no short-term policies)
    • Annual Term 8/1/2020 - 7/31/2021
    • Fall Term 8/1 - 12/31/2020
    • Spring Term 1/1 - 7/31/2021

In addition to the above waiver criteria, international students' plans must:

  • PAY claims in U.S. dollars
  • HAVE a U.S.-based claims processing center
  • PRODUCE a copy of the full policy document in English

WAIVE the 2020-21 SHIP, if your health insurance meets the criteria listed above, to remove the charge from your student account.

Failure to respond by August 31, 2020, will result in automatic enrollment in the SHIP; and attempts to cancel enrollment after the deadline will incur premium and administrative fees of no less than $63, even if you do not use the SHIP.

ENROLL in the 2020-21 SHIP if your insurance plan does not meet the criteria listed above or if the SHIP will save you money.

You MUST take action to enroll in the SHIP - you will not be automatically enrolled unless you completely fail to respond by the August 31, 2020 deadline.

The Duquesne SHIP will be in effect from 8/1/2020 through 7/31/2021; and the total cost - $1,781.52 - will be charged to your student account in two installments: $922.26 in the Fall and $859.26 in the Spring. 

Once you are enrolled in the SHIP, the carrier will not allow cancellations, except in the case of a Qualifying Life Event.

For More Information

Visit QM Services to learn about:

  • Duquesne University SHIP benefits and costs
  • Information regarding out-of-state Medicaid
  • Special message for international students
  • Dependent enrollment
  • Optional vision insurance for students and their families
  • Optional dental coverage is available for basic to major services, even orthodontics, with coverage for students and their families

Duquesne contracts with independent student health insurance administrators and advocates at QM Services, Inc. For assistance, please call QM Services at 800-273-1715 - ext. 2.

Please consult Health Services online, or contact them at 412.396.1650 for information regarding their services for students.