Proposing or Amending a TAP

Any member of the campus community may propose a new TAP and/or amendments to a current TAP.


The first step to propose a new TAP or amendments to a TAP is to gain the approval of the appropriate Vice President.

  • Students may take such proposals to the Vice President for Student Life. 
  • Faculty may take such proposals directly to the Provost or to the Faculty Senate President, who will take the proposal to the Provost on behalf of the faculty member. 
  • Staff may take such proposals directly to their Vice President.


After approval by the appropriate Vice President, the individual making the proposal must then submit a policy proposal, utilizing the TAPs template to, where the proposal will be reviewed by the TAPs Committee.


The President and Vice Presidents may seek the input of the deans, the faculty senate and/or other members of the various constituencies in considering proposals.

The President and Vice Presidents, at their sole discretion, may elect to have a proposed policy or procedure referred to a committee before making a final recommendation to the President. The committee shall be composed of members of the University community. The committee is advisory to the President and the Vice Presidents.

The President has final authority in approving the TAPs and/or any amendments thereto.