About the TAP Committee

The TAPs Committee is a standing committee of the University that reviews proposals to ensure that new or revised TAPs

  • follow an approved format and process, and 
  • meet established standards for TAPs.

It will also assist in preparing the proposal for further review and consideration by the President and the Vice Presidents. In some cases where an individual is proposing a new TAP, the TAPs committee may determine that the proposed new TAP is not a TAP, but rather is a Departmental Procedure, Guideline and/or Protocol.


Dr. Darlene Weaver, Chair, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Gabriel Welsch, Vice President for Marketing and Communications

Ryan Dawson, Senior Director of Human Resources

Jennifer Fink, Associate Counsel and Director of Risk Management

Steven Baicker McKee, Assistant Professor, School of Law

Melissa Loughner, Assistant to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs