Defining The Administrative Policies

A University Policy is an official directive, approved by the President based on the recommendation of the Executive Officers (Vice Presidents), that has broad and direct application across all schools, departments, and other administrative units of the University. A University Policy has historically been known as a TAP, and will hereinafter be referred to as a TAP (collectively, the TAPs).

TAPs impose binding obligations on students, faculty, staff and/or visitors as applicable.

TAPs ensure:

  • promotion of mission-centered values and objectives
  • compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and/or
  • adoption of operational efficiencies and best practices.

TAPs do not alter, amend or modify the employment relationship between an employee and the University. All University employees are "employees-at-will," except: faculty, employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement, and employees who have been given a contract that specifically sets forth that the employment is for a specified term. A letter of appointment setting forth an employee's annual salary is not an employment contract for a specified term, and it does not change or modify the at-will employment relationship.

Department Procedures, Guidelines and Protocols

Departmental Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, and Protocols are statements of the standards and practices of an administrative unit of the University. These pertain to matters within the exclusive function of a specific administrative unit. A Departmental Policy, Procedure, Guideline, and/or Protocol may have broad impact across the University, but unlike a TAP, it is approved and managed at the departmental level.

Order of Precedence

To the extent that there is any conflict or inconsistency between a TAP and a Departmental Policy, Procedure, Guideline, and/or Protocol, the TAP shall govern and control.

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