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President's Letter for the 2017 United Way Campaign

Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues,

Whether it's responding in a timely way to natural disasters using new technology, or long-term engagement initiatives with community partners, Duquesne University has always understood the importance of focusing on service to others, especially those in need. In that spirit, it's time again for us to launch our annual United Way campaign. 

This year our goal is to raise $108,000 that can be used to assist our neighbors and fund local nonprofits which provide critical resources and connections for so many people throughout our community. The Duquesne family has always been extremely generous-supporting a wide variety of initiatives and organizations-thus helping to ensure that services and opportunities remain available to all neighbors (particularly those in need) in order to maintain a vibrant, caring City and region. Once again, there will be a variety of on-campus activities planned to support this year's campaign. One of your colleagues will share with you all of the details about those events and how to make a contribution. In the meantime, you can donate and learn more at duq.edu/united-way.

Duquesne's collective commitment to serving others is a hallmark of our special campus community. I hope that you will join me in this year's United Way campaign to whatever extent you are able to do so.  It makes a true, positive difference in the lives of many others and in the communities in which we are privileged to call home.

Thank you for your generous support of United Way and for all you do to advance the charitable mission of Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit.

Warm regards,

Ken Gormley