Your Dollars at Work

Your gift, combined with the generosity of thousands of donors across our region, is a powerful force for change. Through the Impact Fund, you help address our community's most pressing needs by supporting teams of the best performing non-profit agencies working together to provide more services to more people, with more lasting results.

  How does your donation benefits others?

$2 per pay
  • Buys two weeks of prescription medication for a homeless female veteran working to reclaim her future

$4 per pay 
  • Provides a young person with a disability one hour of coaching to keep a first job, and develope habits that lead to employment for life

$6 per pay
  • Feeds three meals to a family of five that has been displaced from their home

$8 per pay
  • Provides personal items, shoes, clothing and other essentials to a woman who has lost everything and is homeless for the first time

$10 per pay
  • Connects a senior with six months of volunteer assistance so they can remain safe and healthy at home
  • Provides one session of in-home support to enable a person with a disability to live independently and avoid homelessness or institutionalization

* based on 26 pay periods

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