Finding a College Work-Study Job

The following are the steps to finding a College Work-Study job:

Step 1: Apply for Work-Study with the Financial Aid Office
  • The Office of Financial Aid determines eligibility for the College Work-Study Program.
  • Students are required to be determined eligible for College Work-Study before interviewing for a campus position.
  • The award amount of eligibility on the financial aid package is an estimate of potential earnings and is not a guarantee of employment or earnings. The actual amount of earnings is impacted by the availaibility of jobs, and hours worked.
  • Application for the College Work-Study is separate for each academic year and period. Students returning from previous periods of employment must renew the financial aid application. 
  • Financial Aid Application for Work-Study
Step 2: Complete the Online Student Employment Application
  • All candidates for employment are required to complete an employment application. 
  • Completed submissions will receive a confirmation to the students account
  • Student Employment Application
Step 3: Review Open Positions
Step 4: Prepare for the interview (some basics tips)
  • Have your work and class schedule printed and available to share with the department interviewer. 
  • Have an updated resume.  Although resumes are not required for the interview, having a resume available makes a very good first impression!
  • Be on time for your scheduled appointment. Make sure that you have contact information for the department interviewer in the unlikely event that you would need to reschedule.
  • Become familiar with the department that you have requested. Most all University departments have a website. Take a few moments to learn a little more about the department and it's role in the University before your interview. 
Step 5: Post Interview
  • I've been hired - What's next?  Students who have been hired are required to complete tax and employment forms preferably before the first day of employment (but no later than the first day).  Follow the instructions provided on the Tax and Employment Forms page.
  • I've not been hired - What's next? Students who have not been initially successful in securing a campus position can continue to review the open positions list and make contact with employing departments. The Student Employment staff is available to assist and provide counsel on open positions.  Inquiries can be directed to or 412.396.6053 .