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Complete the online employment application and follow the instructions to request an interview.  The online application is to be completed for academic year and/or summer period.

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Current Academic Year Non Work-Study Openings

Job Requirement(s): Non work-study position

Job Title: Law Library Student Assistant

Department: Duquesne University School of Law, Center for Legal Information (Law Library)

Pay rate: $10/hr - 12 hours per week

Required weekly shifts: Mondays 7pm-11pm, Thursdays 11am-3pm, Saturdays 5pm-9pm

Job Description: Student Assistants are responsible for providing continuous library coverage of the Circulation Desk. Duties also include charging/discharging library materials and participating in the stack maintenance program, and research assistance. The Circulation Desk is staffed by the Circulation Supervisor and Circulation Student Assistants. 

Responsibilities: Circulation Staff assists patrons in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to: Circulation (make sure books are sensitized when checked in, has basic knowledge of library rules, etc), Stack Maintenance (make sure material is properly shelved), and Customer Service.

Job Qualifications: Duquesne University undergraduate or nonlaw graduate student

Request an Interview:

Email cover letter and resume to Chuck Sprowls, Head of Information Access and Student Services, via email at, expressing interest in the position.

Job Requirement(s): Non work-study position

Job Title: Student-Athlete Tutor

Department: Athletics

Pay rate: Undergraduate Student - $10/hour, Graduate Student - $16/hour

Areas in need of tutors: Math (Calc I, II, III, College Algebra, Foundations of Statistics, Problem Solving, Biostatistics), Sciences (Biology, General, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics), Business (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing), Liberal Arts (Psychology, Sociology, History)

Job Description: Tutors provide individual and small group tutoring sessions in person and/or virtually in subjects the tutor has attained a grade of A- or better. The purpose of tutoring is to assist student-athletes in developing appropriate learning attitudes, behaviors, and understanding of content material. 

Responsibilities: Participate in the required tutor preparation workshop and training for certification, work with student-athletes to create tutor session appointments based on need and want, complete all tutor verification forms after each session, turn in all timesheets bi-weekly, meet with tutor coordinator periodically as check-in for both tutor and tutees, adhere to NCAA/Duquesne University Ethical and Academic Integrity Standards

Job Qualifications: Applicants are assessed for interpersonal skills, trainability, course content knowledge and ability to commit to the training program. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. It is a requirement that you have no less than an A- in any course you wish to tutor. 

Request an Interview:

Email a cover letter and resume to Vanessa Webb at, expressing interest in this position. 

Job Requirement(s): Non work-study position

Job Title: Procurement & Payment Services Intern

Department: Procurement & Payment Services - University Controller's Office

Pay rate: $12/hour

Job Description: Assist purchasing staff with necessary maintenance and training protocols on the Universities E-Procurements system, Accounts Payable processes, and usage of University credit card. Performs purchase order entry, purchase order monitoring, and receiving functions in purchasing module ERP system. Assist in routine cred card audits. Support the staff with year-end closing procedures and reporting. Ad-hoc projects.

Responsibilities: Assist with the purchase of a variety of commodities and services for the University with an emphasis on analysis, competitive bidding, negotiation, and excellent customer service. Assist purchasing staff with necessary research/data collection to support execution of spend analysis and competitive procurement processes. Data collection will involve review and analyses of historical spend to identify sourcing opportunities that will result in operating efficiencies and cost savings. Participates on multi-functional teams charges with evaluating and selecting vendors who provide the optimal mix of quality, service, price, and terms. Work with a broad set of teams across the University to further develop internal processes and information systems such as eProcurement to aid in decision making and create efficiencies. 

Job Qualifications: Sophomore or Junior who is currently enrolled in good standing in a BA/BS Program in Supply Chain Management (preferred) or Business Administration/Management. Student demonstrates excellent interpersonal, communication, writing, analytical, and organizational skills. Student is proficient with MS Office, including Excel. Experience/knowledge preferred but not required in the following areas: 1) Negotiation with suppliers to achieve organizational objectives; 2) Sourcing strategy formulation and implementation; 3) Analysis of data to drive decisions and effective results; 4) E-Procurement systems and maintenance; 5) Managing multiple priorities and completing projects on time; 6) Providing responsive customer service, and 7) Using MS Office, Outlook 365, and ERP systems

Request an Interview:

Contact: Julie Wetzel - or 412-396-5660