Student Employment Applications Fall '22

Accepting Student Employment Applications for Fall 2022

Activity Timeline:

July 11 Online Employment Application Open (Applications are accepted throughout the academic year.)

Note: Due to the large number of open positions at the start of the academic year, job openings are posted by "type" for the initial referral/interview period instead of by department or specific open positions.

August 3  Deadline for application for interview/referrals for the period of August 15 - August 26, 2022. Qualified College Work-Study students who complete the online employment application by July 25, 2022 will be referred to open campus positions.

        Note: Please communicate with us if you are experiencing difficulty with the site or filling out an online application. 

August 8  Referrals confirmed to students and departments. 

August 15-26  Initial interview period. Additional referrals may be made during this period via email and phone. Be mindful to frequently check your DU email. 

September 12  Open Student Employment Jobs posted to the Student Employment Website; Walk-in Appointment Schedule to be posted. 

Important: If you are considering campus employment for the Academic Year 2022-2023 you MUST be prepared to complete tax and employment forms BEFORE you can begin working. This process REQUIRES critical identification documents that permits you to work. Refer to the Tax and Employment Forms page. 

Note: You must present the original documents required. Copies of the required documents such as Driver's License, Social Security, Passport, etc are not accepted. Without proper and original identification, the employment start date will be delayed. 

The following are the steps for the start of the Academic Year:

Step 1: Review the 'Types of Jobs Available'.

When completing the employment application, you will be asked to choose three areas of interest. Referrals are made based on job type, job availability, and your job interest. Duquesne University staffs college work-study jobs both on and off campus. There are diverse and exciting opportunities available. Learn more about the Job Types  and Community Service Offerings .

Step 2: Complete the online Student Employment Application.

Complete employment applications are confirmed to the student via their email. Note that all future communications from Human Resources and the University departments will be directed to your email. 

Step 3: Department Scheduled Interview.

Human Resources identifies the eligible students and their job interests and makes a referral to departments with open positions. The hiring department will schedule an appointment directly with you. The interview may occur as a zoom meeting or an in-person appointment. 

Step 4: Prepare for the Interview. 

Have your class schedule available to share with the department. You will also want to determine what work schedule would suit your needs and be ready to discuss the schedule with the hiring supervisor. 

Have an updated resume. Although resumes are not required for the interview, having a resume available makes a very good first impression. 

Be on time for your scheduled appointment. Make certain that you have the contact information for the hiring supervisor in the unlikely event that you would need to reschedule.

Take some time to become familiar with the department. University departments have a website. Take a few moments to learn a little more about the department and its role in the University.

Become familiar with our Frequently Asked QuestionsQuestions like, 'What happens after an interview?' and 'How do I learn about other job openings?' are just a few examples of frequently asked questions. 

Complete Online Application

The Student Employment Staff is available to assist and provide counsel on open positions. Inquiries can be directed to or call 412-396-6053.