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Syllabus & Course Design

Course and Syllabus Design for Learning That Lasts - Worksheet

This worksheet is adapted from a CTE workshop. It uses two frameworks:
A. Backward Design (Wiggins & McTighe)
B. Taxonomy of Significant Learning (Fink)

Course Design Steps
A. Identify desired results: Start with the end in mind
B. Use the Taxonomy of Significant Learning to analyze these examples
C. Use the Taxonomy of Significant Learning to analyze and revise the learning goals on your own syllabus.
D. Plan evidence of learning & feedback to students
E. Carefully select learning experiences, tools and instruction
F. Now, write or update the syllabus

A. Course Design Worksheet
B. Syllabus Checklist
C. Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching
D. Developing Your Syllabus and Career

Syllabus Checklist

This document provides a checklist to be sure all the important information appears on your syllabus.

Online Teaching Course Planning at Duquesne (multipass required) 

Other Resources

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