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You are part of a learning community built on inclusion and mutual respect.
You are part of a community of built on respect and the pursuit of excellence.

By being diligent and sincere in your pursuit of education, and being open to learning and change in all that you do to achieve academic excellence, you commit to growing and to pursing bigger goals. 

The official Duquesne University Student Handbook provides you the framework that ensures a positive experience for all students. The policies, procedures, and recommendations within are aimed to build respect for everyone who chooses to attend this University and to provide equitable means of resolving issues that may emerge from time to time. 

Note: The Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct is located on page 29 of the Student Handbook.

Duquesne is committed to fostering a community of respect. Please use this form to report concerns of possible violations of the University's Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct. We care about the well-being of our community members and appreciate the opportunity to address reported violations.Once a report is received, The Office of Student Conduct will investigate. You may be contacted for additional information and to determine if and how you wish to be involved in the student conduct process moving forward.

Student Conduct Incident Report Form

University standards shall apply to conduct that occurs on University premises, at University-sponsored activities, and to off-campus conduct that adversely affects the University community and/or pursuits of its objectives and mission.

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