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Certificate programs allow students to complete a concentrated area of study in addition to their major. Certificates typically require 15-18 credits, are noted on your transcript upon graduation, and can be used to fulfill the related area requirement.

Certificate in Actuarial Science

The Certificate in Actuarial Science is an 18-credit program composed of courses from two schools: the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts and the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business.

Certificate in Business Management

The Certificate in Business Management is available to students outside of the Business School who might wish to pursue a business-related career within their discipline.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is available to students outside of the School of Business who wish to acquire entrepreneurship and business skills that will make them more marketable to employers or help them launch companies of their own.

Certificate in International Business

The Certificate in International Business is a credential for any globally-focused Duquesne student who wishes to complement their major with practical, value-added competencies in IB.

Certificate in Professional Selling

The Certificate in Professional Selling is available to students outside of the School of Business who wish to pursue a sales-related career within their discipline. Examples include careers in health care sales, entertainment industry sales, pharmaceutical sales, technical sales or even recruiting.

Certificate in Quantitative Finance

The Certificate in Quantitative Finance is 32-credit program composed of coursework in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Finance.