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M.S.Ed. Secondary Education

Initial Certification

The Leading Teacher Program- Secondary Education is designed to prepare the nation's secondary school teachers. The program's coursework includes professional education in areas of concentration that includes English, K-12 Latin, Social Studies, Mathematics, and the Sciences.

The curriculum meets Pennsylvania standards as well as the standards of national professional organizations. All coursework, projects and fieldwork in the program reflect the School of Education's conceptual framework themes of technology, diversity and leadership.

Returning Secondary Teacher

Teachers who already hold an Instructional 1 teaching certificate may earn a Master's Degree by successfully completing a minimum of 30 credits in graduate-level coursework. Coursework is determined by the applicant and graduate advisor and may include graduate education course work, graduate content-area courses (up to 6 credits), and independent study (up to 6 credits) related to the secondary program of study.

For those students enrolling in the MSED Secondary Education Program, a 35% discount is being offered.

Application Requirements

Initial Certification


Along with the Online Application, the following are necessary requirements:

  • Transcripts from undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Undergraduate degree must fulfill one of the criteria below:
    A minimum overall 3.00 GPA (grade point average),
    A minimum 3.00 GPA on the most recent 48 credits, OR
    A minimum overall 2.80 GPA with passing scores on the PDE PAPA exams
    PAPA Exam information, including PA passing scores (link)
  • Completed Content-Area Prerequisite Form- Instructions can be found here.

Please send all transcripts to:
School of Education Graduate Office
Duquesne University
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282


Once your Phase 1 materials have been received, they will be reviewed by a Graduate Secondary Advisor. If you meet the minimum program requirements (i.e., GPA and completion of prerequisites), you will be asked to:
Attend an interview with the Graduate Secondary Program advisors,
Provide 2 letters of recommendation from academic or professional contacts (no personal contacts), AND
Provide one-page letter of intent, describing why you want to become a teacher

Deadlines for applications
Fall: August 1
Spring: December 1
Summer: April 1

Returning Secondary Teacher

Along with the Online Application, the following are necessary requirements:

  • GPA overall and in secondary content courses of at least 3.0.
  • Transcripts from undergraduate and/or graduate certification program.
  • Instructional 1 Teaching certificate in a Secondary content area.
  • Interview with content area advisor.

To begin the application process, complete an on-line application and submit transcripts to:

Once your transcripts and GPA have passed an initial review, you will be contacted via email by the graduate secondary advisor in your content area to continue with the application process.

Course Information
Still have questions about our program?  Find your answers here.
Current Student Resources
If you are a Current Graduate Secondary Education student, you can find important information and forms here.
Social Studies

According to the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS, 1992), "the primary purpose of social studies is to help young people develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world." As a teaching candidate in the Graduate Leading Teacher Program in Secondary Social Studies, you will have the opportunity to develop ideas and practices that will support this imperative of democratic citizenship.

Social Studies Content Area Prerequisite Form

Jason K. Ritter, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
102A Canevin
Phone: 412.396.4515


The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and the International Reading Association (IRA) have collaborated in the creation of standards for the English language arts to "ensure that all students are offered the opportunities, the encouragement, and the vision to develop the language skills they need to pursue life's goals, including personal enrichment and participation as informed members of our society" (1996). As a teacher candidate in the Graduate Leading Teacher Program in Secondary English, you will be provided with opportunities to explore issues regarding the theory and practice of teaching English at the secondary level and to engage in teaching adolescents the skills of writing, reading, responding to literature, listening, speaking, and exploring new media while considering student and community contexts. Through a strongly oriented social justice framework, the focus of the program will be to facilitate candidates as more knowledgeable, insightful, creative and compassionate teachers upon entry into the secondary English classroom.

English Content Area Prerequisite Form

Carla Meyer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
106 D Canevin Hall
Phone: 412.396.5837


The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics presents a vision of effective teaching and learning in mathematics (NCTM 2000, 1991), asserting that effective teaching "redirects mathematics instruction from a focus on presenting content through lecture and demonstration to a focus on active participation and involvement." As a teaching candidate in the Graduate Leading Teacher Program in Secondary Mathematics, you will explore how to "facilitate learners' construction of their own knowledge of mathematics." The purpose of the program is to engage teaching candidates in developing the fundamental knowledge, skills, and dispositions for teaching middle school and high school mathematics in ways that promote all students' learning and understanding.

Mathematics Content Area Prerequisite Form

Melissa D. Boston, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
G14 Canevin
Phone: 412.396.6109


As part of a reform movement in science, the National Science Standards (NRC, 1996) recommend that science is taught to achieve students' scientific understanding of scientific concepts and processes required for personal decision making, participation in civic and cultural affairs, and economic productivity. Reform classroom practices should give students the opportunity to engage in hands-on, minds-on scientific inquiry and to experience how scientists develop conjectures about the world in justifying assertions and a base from which to reason and model data they encounter in real life. The Graduate Leading Teacher Program in Secondary Science will provide you with opportunities to develop the knowledge and teaching practices essential in educating science students for the 21st century.

Biology Content Area Prerequisite Form

Chemistry Content Area Prerequisite Form

Physics Content Area Prerequisite Form


Dawnmarie Ezzo
Visiting Professor
410A Canevin
Phone: 412.396.4516


Latin Content Area Prerequisite Form

Melissa D. Boston, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
G14 Canevin
Phone: 412.396.6109