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Scientific Research

Scientific Research is often thought of as a singular event in a sterile laboratory, working on an obscure set of data, only relevant to scientists. But it can, and does, involve so  much more.

students planting treeService Learning in Science increases students' perception of research by placing it in the context of community. Research encompasses creative, problem-solving skill sets in addition to observational skills, because a problem cannot be researched until it is identified as such.

By engaging students in the community outside of the university, Service Learning in Science encourages them to look outside the lab and identify real-world problems. By doing so, students' confidence in their scientific knowledge and skills increases by applying them to their skills and knowledge to problems outside of the lab.

Service Learning removes the sterility and tunnel vision often found in science and broadens future scientists' understanding of the impact science has on the non-scientific community.

Scientific Research Activities

The Scientific Research component of Service Learning in Science consists of these student activities: