Business Analytics Co-Major 

Business analytics combines the analysis of raw data with the tools and concepts of business to solve real-world problems. How can app-based delivery services increase productivity? How can a gym retain and grow memberships? How can a meal delivery service predict customer's demands while minimizing product spoilage?

The Business Analytics Co-Major will prepare you to find actionable answers to complex questions in any industry. You will gain the skills you need to be a leader in the business world and to shape the direction of your future employers. The co-major is an applied program which complements existing business majors and cannot be taken as a stand-alone major. The focus is on the ability to communicate the business analysis of data that spans all disciplines, without the heavy scientific component. There is no program-specific prerequisite requirement as Business Statistics is a course in the business core required of all majors. The program focuses on the ability to communicate the business analysis of data that spans all disciplines, making it a logical companion to other business majors.

The co-major curriculum consists of 9 credit hours of required courses and 9 credit hours of elective courses, for a total of 18 credit hours. 

Business Core Courses 

BUAD 103/103L Innovation Experience 3 credits
ISYS 184 Business Info Systems 3 credits
BLAW 251 Business Law 3 credits
ISYS 284  Data for Decision Making 3 credits
BUAD 110 Internship Prep Practicum 0 credits
STAT 285 Business Statistics 3 credits
ACCT 214 Financial Accounting 3 credits
ECON 201 Prin of Microeconomics 3 credits
MGMT 261 Mgmt & Org. Behavior 3 credits
BUAD 210 Career Preparation Practicum 0 credits
MKTG 271 Marketing and Business Development 3 credits
ACCT 215 Managerial Accounting 3 credits
ECON 202 Prin of Macroeconomics 3 credits
SCMG 267 Supply Chain Operations 3 credits
FINC 313 Business Finance 3 credits
MGMT 262 Global Insights 3 credits
MGMT 368W Business Ethics & Global Citizenship 3 credits
MGMT 499W Strategic Management 3 credits
Total credits   48 credits

Required Business Analytics Courses 

BUBA 285 Foundations of Business Analytics 3 credits
BUBA 286 Business Analytics for Decision Making 3 credits
BUBA 490 Business Analytics Capstone 3 credits
Total credits   9 credits

Elective Business Analytics Courses 

Students must take three of the following elective courses. 

ACCT 310

Accounting Information Systems 3 credits

BUAD 325 

Data Analytics and Emerging Technologies in Accounting 3 credits
ECON 322 Advanced Excel Modeling 3 credits
ECON 481 Econometrics 3 credits
ECON 484 Advanced Econometrics 3 credits 
FINC 334 Investments 3 credits
ISYS 382  Data and Information Management 3 credits
ISYS 484  Business Intelligence 3 credits
MGMT 364W Critical Managerial Decision Making 3 credits
MKTG 374W Marketing Research 3 credits
MKTG 442 Digital Sales and Marketing Tools 3 credits
MKTG 472 Digital Marketing 3 credits
SCMG 385 SCM Information Systems and Technology 3 credits
SCMG 480 Forecasting, Production and Inventory Planning 3 credits