An increasingly connected world economy and the growing virtual existence for almost all organizations makes cybersecurity as relevant as local or national security for our society. The Cybersecurity Studies major leverages Duquesne's significant resources in Mathematics, Computer Science and Security Studies. 

Learning Outcomes:

A student who completes the Cybersecurity Studies major will be able to:

1. Evaluate the cybersecurity needs of an organization.
2. Assess and develop risk management policies in order to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of an organization's information and assets.
3. Support and secure information and assets as needed to support an organization's mission.
4. Research, learn, and apply new cybersecurity technology in order to keep skills current.
5. Apply these skills in a professional manner, including documenting work, communicating clearly and appropriately, and following appropriate ethical and professional standards of conduct.

Degree Requirements:

Thirty-three (33) credit hours total including the following courses:

  • Computer Science (21 hours):
  • MATH 135 Discrete Mathematics (3)
  • COSC 160: Scientific Programming: Java (3)
  • COSC 215: Java with Data Structures (3)
  • COSC 220: Computer Organization and Assembly Language (3)
  • COSC 325W: Operating Systems and Computer Architecture (3)
  • COSC 460: Computer Security (3)
  • COSC/IR 464: Cybersecurity Studies Capstone Project (3)

Students must also take 12 credit hours from the International Security Studies program, including:

  • IR 404: Introduction to Information Security (3)
  • IR 432: Network Situational Awareness (3)
  • IR 462: Applied Threat Systems (3)

Plus one three-credit IR security course from the ISS requirements or Security courses.

Cybersecurity Studies Minor:

For the 15-credit Minor, students are required to take four of the following classes:

  • IR 404 Introduction to Information Awareness (3 cr.)
  • IR 432 Network Situational Awareness (3 cr.)
  • IR 462 Applied Threat Systems (3 cr.)
  • IR 470 (Which I can't find online) (3 cr.)
  • COSC 160 Computer Programming: Java (3 cr.)
  • COSC 215 Data Structures in Java (3 cr)

In addition, students are required to take one of the following six 3-credit courses: COSC 300, IR 405, IR 406, IR 407, IR 422W, IR 423W. Students with CSS minors are not allowed to count more than three minor courses towards degrees in CS, IR, or ISS."

Cybersecurity Studies Double Major with Computer Science and/or ISS and/or IR:

Students who wish to double major in Cybersecurity Studies and Computer Science can count no more than (9) COSC credits toward both majors.

Students who wish to double major in Cybersecurity Studies and International Security Studies and/or International Relations can count no more than (9) IR credits toward both majors.

Cybersecurity Studies Certificate

Computer Science Majors not pursuing a double major in Cybersecurity Studies can earn a Cybersecurity Studies Certificate by completing the twelve credits of IR coursework required for the Cybersecurity Studies major, as well as the 3 credit IR 464 capstone