School of Nursing Learning and Simulation Center

The School of Nursing's Learning and Simulation Center, approximately 7,000 square feet located in Libermann Hall, offers an array of technology that increases realism, improves the quality of evaluation and enhances clinical learning. The Center uses state-of-the-art patient simulators, the latest digital and video recording technologies and equipment such as a telemedicine cart, double robotic (DUSTIN), a birthing bed, neonatal monitor and incubator. This learning lab creates meaningful and effective learning experiences where students acquire clinical knowledge and decision-making abilities as well as teamwork, communication and leadership skills.

The Center includes the following areas:

  • Two simulation rooms, including the Ann Lantzy Glazener Simulation Room
  • Health assessment rooms
  • Four classrooms for health assessment
  • Medication room
  • Primary care offices/standardized patient rooms
  • Gladys Husted Conference and Debriefing Room
  • Robert and Mary Weisbrod Fundamental Skills Lab
  • Two large classrooms
  • Augmented reality room
  • Pediatric assessment room

Center for Research for Underserved and Vulnerable Population

The Center for Research for Underserved and Vulnerable Populations is dedicated to networking, exchanging information and fostering innovation. The Center is committed to promoting University, community, regional, national and global partnerships to achieve excellence in nursing science. Support for research includes design and statistical consultation, peer review of scholarship, pre- and post-award assistance with grants, poster production and travel awards, as well as an annual colloquium series for faculty and students.

Consistent with the mission of the School of Nursing and national priorities, overarching themes include:

  • Using technology and informatics in research, education and practice.
  • Promoting ethics and health equity.
  • Developing interdisciplinary approaches to health promotion and management of chronic illness.