Diplomas at Graduation

All diplomas and certificates are mailed to students' HOME/PERMANENT addresses as recorded in Self-Service Banner (SSB). Students must check their addresses in SSB to verify the accuracy of the address information. If the diploma should be mailed to an alternate address, students must use Self-Service Banner to add a DIPLOMA address.

International Students: Be certain to check the home/permanent address on record, since this is the address to which the diploma will be mailed. If the diploma should be mailed to a different location, students must use Self-Service Banner to add a diploma address. Finally, if an international student has no HOME/PERMANENT or DIPLOMA address, the diploma will be mailed to the FOREIGN address as recorded in Self-Service Banner.

All addresses must be verified no later than the official graduation date.Should a diploma be returned to the university because an address is undeliverable, the student will be responsible for payment of fees to mail the diploma a second time.

Please note that it takes several weeks to review each student's record individually for degree clearance. With that in mind, diplomas are estimated to ship on or after the dates specified below. Diplomas are mailed via the United States Postal Service. Please allow adequate time for anticipated delivery and receipt of your diploma via USPS.

Estimated Diploma Shipping Dates

August 2023 Graduates September 5, 2023
May 2023 Graduates (excluding School of Pharmacy) June 12, 2023
May 2023 School of Pharmacy Graduates June 26, 2023

Certified Electronic Diplomas

A Certified Electronic Diploma and/or Certified Electronic Certificate is issued for all graduates from May 2020 forward. Graduates must check their DU email for the notification message from info@cecredentialtrust.com. Students must use the download link in this message to retrieve the electronic diploma.

If you need to request a new download link, please use the CeCredential Trust site to resend the link. Enter your @duq.edu address to start the process:

Resend Certified Electronic Diploma Link

** Please be sure to check your junk email folder for the email notification message from @cecredentialtrust.com. **

More information on Certified Electronic Diplomas Degree Credential Validation

Former Graduates

All diplomas of graduates prior to August 2021 have been mailed to those students who supplied mailing addresses. Any former graduate who has not supplied an address can do so by completing the Diploma Mailing form to provide a mailing address.

Duplicate Diplomas

Former graduates wishing to order a duplicate diploma, and those who would like to order an electronic copy of their diploma, can do so online:


Information regarding the release of diplomas:

  • Your record must be free of all holds, and all financial obligations must be met before diplomas are released. You can check your holds in Self-Service Banner.
  • Diplomas cannot be released to third-parties (including parents) without your written consent.
  • The degree earned appears on the diploma. Majors, minors, and/or concentrations are not printed on the diploma.
  • Law School Graduates should consult the Law%20School%20Registrar%27s%20Office for information on receiving their diplomas.


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