How to Transfer

The Application Process 

Just a few steps to transfer your credits and continue your education with Duquesne! Complete the application and submit official transcripts from all institutions attended.

  • Applicants are automatically considered for scholarships and financial aid, provided that you submit a FAFSA form by May 1
  • Transfer students with fewer than 24 credits will also need to submit high school students
  • Transfers can live in the residence halls on campus based on availability at the time of application 

Apply Now!

Transferring Credit & Degree Requirements

  • Duquesne University accepts up to 60 credits from a two-year community college or up to 90 credits from a four-year college or university.
  • Generally, Duquesne accepts credits from an accredited college or university that correspond to the Duquesne curriculum 
  • Final determination on transferable credits is made by your academic advisor or dean of the school.
  • It is possible to receive some credit from military experience, and this is determined by an advisor in your school of study.
  • Your final 30 credits must be completed at Duquesne University.
  • The full transfer policy is available in the Undergraduate Catalog

Bridges Curriculum

Connect with the transfer team about a transcript review!

An unofficial transcript review will give you an estimate of how many credits will transfer.