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About Us

Duquesne University Health Services

We are a component of the Center for Student Wellbeing within the Division of Student Life. Although our combined presence is ‘virtual,' we collaborate closely with the other components in the Center - Counseling Services, Recreation Services, and also with Campus Ministry. This intentional combination of student services addresses the Duquesne student holistically: mind, body, and spirit.

Director's Welcome MessageDirector DUHS

Thank you for visiting the DU Health Service (DUHS) web site. DUHS is a proud and caring team of dedicated professionals who collectively promote university-wide wellness, encourage healthy lifestyles and personal responsibility, so as to enhance students' capacity for reaching academic and personal goals.

We offer comprehensive primary care services and work with students to achieve total well-being. All registered full time Duquesne University students are eligible for the wide variety of health services that we offer. We look forward to providing you with excellent medical care and encourage you to partner with us throughout your college career.
Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns at 412-396-1650 or by email mrvosd@duq.edu

Again, welcome to Duquesne University Health Service!
Dessa Mrvos, R.N.

Eligibility for Services

All Registered Full Time Undergraduate and Graduate Students (commuters and residents) are eligible to use Health Services.


Students' interaction with and information provided to the professionals in Health Services will be completely confidential. Health Services is a HIPAA compliant entity.

Release of Information

Without the written permission of the student, medical information will not be released to: parents or guardians, Duquesne professors or staff, other health professionals, potential employers or insurance companies. Click Here for HIPAA Notice

Medical Excuse Policy

The Duquesne University Health Service does not issue written medical excuses covering class absences, missed examinations, etc. At the request of an instructor and with a student's written permission, the Health Service director will verify your visit to DU Health Services.

Student Health Insurance

All full time students must have medical insurance coverage and provide the University with verifiable proof of coverage.  If you have a question or  need further information, contact Hulse/QM at 1-800-273-1715, university@hulseqm.com or www.hulseqm.com/studentportal.

Duquesne University partners with Highmark and Hulse/QM® to provide an excellent and affordable student health insurance plan.

All students must upload a copy of their isurance card to the Health Services Portal

Office Hours

Academic Calendar Fall and Spring Terms: M-Th 7:30a-6:00p F 7:30a-4:00p

Summer Term: M-F 7:30a-3:30p

Closed for University Holidays