The theme for Orientation 2020 is Ignite Your Light

Welcome to Duquesne!

Our week-long orientation program is a great opportunity for new students to get to know our campus and their classmates. Every deposited student is automatically registered for orientation. Every student should, however, register for their MultiPass and visit DORI to learn what they must do before August.

To Access the Orientation Schedule, Location of Events, and all live updates, make sure you download the Guidebook app.

Information on how to do so can be found at

Orientation Mini-Schedule front side of handoutOrientation Mini-Schedule back side of handout

What Makes Our Orientation Special?

  1. Our program is developed for students by students. Our student staff is uniquely positioned to welcome you to the Duquesne family.
  2. Since we've been through the process ourselves, we know that starting college is a thrilling yet apprehensive time.
  3. 3. With this understanding, we have developed a program that fits the needs of our new students and will enable them to make the most of this next exciting chapter of their lives!

It is very important to the Duquesne experience that all freshman students participate in orientation-with necessary precautions-even if they have arrived on mass transit. Because orientation is highly structured, managed in small groups with social distancing practices, and with all participants wearing face coverings, every precaution is taken to be as safe as possible. Orientation features scheduled activities that run throughout the days and well into evenings. It will be the expectation for those who have used mass transit to otherwise quarantine outside of orientation activities.