Last updated: 02/07/2023

Service Requirements

Use of the Duquesne University network is a privilege, not a right. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in loss of network privileges, judicial action, possible suspension or termination.

  1. The Duquesne network is intended to support the academic, educational and research efforts of the Duquesne University students, faculty and staff. Only members of the University are entitled to use it. By connecting to the Duquesne network, you agree to use these resources strictly for their intended purpose. Uses that contradict the University's Mission are strictly prohibited.
  2. The Duquesne University campus network may not be used to obtain illegal copies of software or other copyrighted materials. Utilizing network technologies to steal or share copyrighted music, movies and software is a federal offense and may result in the permanent loss of network privileges and possibly other legal actions.
  3. Under no circumstances may a device connected to the University's network use an IP address other than that which is assigned to it by CTS.
  4. Any student, faculty or staff assigned to a given network or IP address is responsible for all activity originating from it. If someone else is using your device, do not permit him or her to violate these rules as you will be held responsible for their actions.
  5. You may not intentionally tamper, alter, install or destroy any network wiring or hardware on campus property.
  6. No device or piece of equipment may be installed or connected to the campus network without the prior consent of CTS. Any non-authorized wireless device that is connected to the campus network physically could still cause interference within the University's airspace and are bound by the same regulations as devices directly connected to it. For more information, please refer to the DuqNet wireless network service requirements.
  7. No server of any sort may be run on the campus network other than those sanctioned by CTS.
  8. In the event that a device begins sending traffic that is disruptive to the operation of the campus network, CTS reserves the right to protect the campus network by disabling that device's connection or signal. This includes any running services that CTS deems as inappropriate or disruptive to the integrity of the network. Before the connection may be re-enabled, the offending machine's owner will be responsible for correcting the problem and demonstrating to CTS technical staff that the problem has been resolved. Once corrected, the restoration of connectivity is at the discretion of the University. Repeated violations of this policy may result in permanent loss of network access privileges or more serious repercussions.
  9. You may not possess or use any hardware or software designed to probe the network or interfere with the security of the network or devices connected to it.
  10. You may not use the network to violate any federal, state, or local laws nor may you use the network to violate any policy, procedure or regulation of Duquesne University.

Students accept these policies as they are spelled out in the "Student Code of Conduct" Article IV, Section E, Paragraph 23. For more information, see the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct in Duquesne's student handbook.