If you are here to learn how to develop creative competence and design thinking skills to pursue a career in media, you are in the right place!  Each program track is filled with project-oriented classes that focus on creative and design projects such as literary works, films and documentaries, photography exhibits, interactive apps and websites, digital user experiences (UX), and public relations and advertising campaigns. Each MFA track is a total of 42 credit hours.

Each MFA is also offered in a certificate format, making it easier for students to gain knowledge in their chosen area of interest in a smaller time-commitment.

MFA & Certificate Program Tracks

Students have the option of three program:

As a Creative and Strategic Media student, you will learn the art of telling good stories through video, sound, text and graphic design. You will be taught which mediums work best for certain stories and will learn how to frame your messaging in order to capture the attention of the widest possible audience. Explore Creative & Strategic Media
Interactive Design integrates human-technology interaction, design, digital media, and information technology. Students will learn more about the way we interact with technological devices and will explore how to build interactive media in a way that is both exciting and engaging. Explore Interactive Media
Photography and Film examines theories, practices and the history of "lens-based" media, incorporating design and technological processes used for product deployment in these areas. Students use storytelling techniques, coupled with visual representation, to communicate ideas through sight and sound. Explore Photography & Film

Application Process for MFA

Students must submit the following as a part of their application:

  • Duquesne Application
  • Official Application Transcripts
  • Three letters of Reference
  • Self-Nomination Letter
    • Indicate the track (Creative and Strategic Media, Interactive Design, or Photography and Film) you intend to study and the semester (fall, spring, summer) you intend to start.
    • State reasons for pursuing a graduate degree and how you would contribute to the program.
    • Describe relevant interests, activities and work.
  • One or more of the following: Website address, Portfolio, or Writing sample.
    • Documents (such as CDs/DVDs or other portfolios that cannot be submitted electronically) can be mailed to:

      Duquesne University
      McAnulty Graduate School of Liberal Arts
      215 College Hall
      Pittsburgh, PA 15282

  • TOEFL score submission (for international applicants only). 
    • International students may get full admission:

      TOEFL score of 80 (or an IELTS score of 7 or 6.5 depending on sub-scores)

    • International students may get provisional admission:

      IELTS scores of 5, 5.5, 6 or 6.5 depending on sub-scores.

    • Pathway Program: For those who have a TOEFL score of 60-79 (IELTS scores of 6 or 6.5 depending on sub-scores), Duquesne University offers a Pathway Program, which allows international students to take courses towards their master's degree while working on their ESL. The Pathway Program provides a smooth transition to our master's program.

    • Applicants with IELTS scores lower than 5 will not be considered for admission. We encourage students with IELTS scores lower than 5 to apply directly to the ESL Studies.

Once your application is submitted, you will be contacted by the Media Department to set up an interview.

If admitted into the MFA program, you will receive an email letting you know.

Assistantships: Real-World Application

Graduate assistants work 20 hours per week performing one or more of the following:

  • Faculty research assistance
  • Teaching assistance
  • Administrative assistance

Our GAs receive up to nine credits of tuition remission and a stipend for each semester of the assistantship. Eligibility and requirements:

  • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.5
  • Not hold full-time employment elsewhere.

Note: Reappointment in subsequent semesters is based on demonstrated competence and satisfactory academic performance.

FAQ's about MFA in Media Arts & Technology

We are interested in your prior academic performance. Another important part of a student's application is the personal statement. It helps us see that the student has a clear plan and is dedicated and able to be successful in our program. Our thorough review process evaluates applicants based on their individual achievements and potential as well as their capability to succeed and contribute to Duquesne University's M.F.A. in Media Arts and Technology program.
The program is 42 credit hours. Depending on the student's timetable it will likely take 2.5 years to complete. Most courses are three credits.
Yes. Previous experience in a specific field is not a requirement of the program. Our students have diverse backgrounds and experience, which enhances the program. Although, students who already have experience in media, design, photography, or film can certainly enhance and expand their knowledge and experience - and so we invite them to also apply. Our program is designed to accommodate students who already have experience in the media, design, photography, or film fields and those who do not.

All applications are processed and reviewed on a rolling basis. Applications are accepted up to one month before the start of classes for that particular semester (fall, spring, summer).

  • Fall Start: Early Application Deadline: Jan. 30
  • Spring or Summer Start: Early Application Deadline: Nov. 1
No. The GRE is not required for admission.

For full admission to the program, we are looking for a TOEFL score of 80 (or an IELTS score of 7 or 6.5 depending on sub-scores). Students may get provisional admission with IELTS scores of 5, 5.5, 6 or 6.5 depending on sub-scores.

Students with provisional admission take ESL courses, typically for one to three semesters, depending on their performance. Once they obtain a TOEFL score of 80 or obtain clearance from ESL, they can start taking a full load of courses.

For international students who have a TOEFL score of 60-79 (IELTS scores of 6 or 6.5 depending on sub-scores), Duquesne University offers a Pathway Program, which allows international students to take courses towards their master's degree while working on their ESL. The Pathway Program provides a smooth transition to our MFA program.
Students may transfer up to six credits from an external program or institution. Those credits should be applied to fulfill electives credits in the program track. When a student transfers credits from an external program or institution and would like to pursue the thesis option, then, in consultation with the academic adviser for the track, transfer credit may be applied to major course requirements.
Students who work full-time can certainly complete the program. Many of our students work full-time. Most courses are offered in the evening to accommodate working students. We are pretty flexible in terms of scheduling, as long as you fulfill certain program requirements.

Our graduates find careers in many diverse fields and industries including creative writing, advertising, digital media, social media marketing, design, photography, video and sound production, interaction design, web and interface design, user experience (UX), product usability, public relations and advertising, and digital media strategy and production, and more.

Our graduates are employed with organizations such as Blattner Brunner, UPMC Healthcare, the National Football League Players Association, American Eagle Outfitters, PNC Bank, BNY-Mellon, Dick's Sporting Goods, the Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Pirates, and several universities. Some students seek further study in Ph.D. programs.

Yes. Graduate assistantships are available on a competitive basis to full-time graduate students. Deadline to apply for a graduate assistantship is Jan. 30. To apply, please indicate in your application and personal statement that you are interested in applying for a graduate assistantship. If you have questions, email the graduate director, Dr.%20William%20Gibbs.
We have multiple computer laboratories (Mac and PC) with industry standard software for creating, editing, and producing media content. Several of our laboratories have 24-hour access. The department offers state of the art video and still cameras and audio-recording equipment. We have television and radio studios and a User Experience (UX) laboratory for product prototyping as well as eye tracking and usability studies.

Financial Awards

Duquesne University offers new graduate students a 25-percent* tuition and fee award. In order to qualify for this award, students must:
  • Apply & be accepted into the Master's program
  • Enroll for at least 6 credits
  • Not have another tuition remission or any other form of a university scholarship or tuition break.

Contact for more info

Media Department