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Undergraduate Scholarships

All freshman applicants are automatically considered for the following academic scholarship ranges. Be sure to also explore and apply for other Duquesne scholarship opportunities.

It's time for bigger goals for you and support from DU! Duquesne is ranked number 65 nationally and number 6 in the state of Pennsylvania in the Best Value Schools category by U.S. News and World Report.

We also offer academic transfer scholarships.

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$19,000 - $25,000

Minimum qualifications: GPA  4.0,  ACT 28 or SAT 1310

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$13,000 - $19,000

Minimum qualifications: GPA 3.5, ACT  24 or SAT 1170

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Up to $13,000

Minimum qualifications: GPA 3.0, ACT 21 or SAT 1080

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Variable up to $25,000

All other applicants, including those applying for test-optional admission, will be considered on an individual basis.

Awards are renewable:

Duquesne's academic scholarship/s may be renewed each academic year for a maximum of eight semesters of undergraduate study (except Pharmacy, which is 12 semesters).

More Scholarship Opportunities

Endowed Scholarship Opportunities

Louis B. Mallet Endowed Scholarship

Provides scholarship support for one incoming freshman student who: will enroll in the School of Business, is of the Jewish faith, meets academic eligibility (B+ or higher), and has financial need (as determined by the FAFSA). Renewable annually for up to eight semesters/four years until the student graduates. Apply by June 30, 2022 
Learn more about the Mallet family and their support of Duquesne.

Jeffery S. Kelly Catholic Studies Scholarship

Provides scholarship support for all declared Catholic Studies majors and minors, which is renewable annually for up to eight semesters/four years of study. Catholic Studies welcomes students of all religious faiths and backgrounds to learn more about the Catholic faith and the contributions of Catholicism to world history, and local and global culture. Learn more and apply! 

University Partner Scholarships

Sister Thea Bowman Black Educational Foundation Scholarship

First envisioned by namesake and co-founder, the famed liturgist, speaker, educator and Black Catholic religious sister Thea Bowman. The foundation has helped fund more than 250 African-American students in higher education at Catholic schools around the country, with support from donors including the Pittsburgh Steelers-owned by the Catholic Rooney family, several of whom are Duquesne University alumni! Learn more and apply!

Micro-Scholarships and Tuition Rewards

Students in high school can earn up to $48,000 to Duquesne University on RaiseMe through micro-scholarships that recognize achievements throughout high school, allowing high school students to start earning money for college before they even apply to college. You can earn up to $12,000 per year, and the amount you earn on RaiseMe from Duquesne will be your guaranteed minimum amount of institutional aid if you are admitted; you may receive even more in your scholarship or financial aid package once we review your completed application for admission. Visit Duquesne on RaiseMe to learn more about micro-scholarship opportunities starting freshman year of high school! www.raise.me/join/duq

Duquesne is a SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards member university. Tuition Reward Points can be earned through your workplace benefits, affiliated financial institutions, health insurance providers, or employer. Accumulated Tuition Rewards Points create scholarships for students and result in guaranteed minimum institutional aid off the price of tuition at member colleges and universities.

University Scholarships

The following scholarships have already been awarded to students in the incoming class of 2022. The applications will reopen for the next incoming class this fall.

Spirit of Community Scholarship

Duquesne University is pleased to announce an exciting new program for students passionate about engaging with their community and expanding their understanding of social justice. In addition to a commitment to community engagement, chosen participants will engage in meaningful and challenging conversations with peers around biased, systemic injustice, power, and privilege and its impact on our community and society at large.

National Hispanic Recognition Scholarship

We are awarding a full-tuition scholarship to the highest-ranked National Hispanic Scholar in the entering freshman class. Utilizing a holistic admissions review, rankings will be determined by GPA, class rank, high school rigor and leadership potential. No separate application is necessary!

Spirit of Excellence Scholarship

In the spirit of our founding, commitment to excellence, mission of service, and in alignment with University Goals, Duquesne will award five exceptional leaders with a full-tuition scholarship for four years.

Bayer School Scholars Program

The Bayer School Scholars Program is a cooperative program among Duquesne University, the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, the Citizen Science Lab, and local industries for incoming freshmen who are from an under-represented population in the sciences.