We believe that a Liberal Arts education prepares you for more than just the workforce—it equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to being a functional, ethical and productive member of society. With a Duquesne Liberal Arts degree, you will be equipped with a toolset that will allow you to reimagine our world in positive and innovative ways. 

No matter your academic ambitions, you'll discover new possibilities at Duquesne. Make meaningful connections outside your chosen major and career path that will have a lasting impact. Inspired by Pittsburgh's iconic 446 bridges, our Bridges curriculum encourages you to think beyond disciplinary viewpoints and what's familiar.

Together, we'll help you discover what you're good at and why that's good for the world.  No matter your background or your academic ambitions—Duquesne has a home for you. We're ready with an education that's everything you need and more than you imagined. It's time for bigger goals.

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Through Duquesne's College of Liberal Arts, I was able to take part in such diverse class offerings; by studying in areas outside of my major and minor, I've been able to think more critically and connect themes across various courses of study. It's very unique.

Myles Wilson, Senior IMC major


Student Funding

Duquesne University offers numerous resources to help students locate funding opportunities for their liberal arts education and/or to support scholarly research at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Offices across the University are available to help guide students through the application process:

  • The Office of Research offers information on current competitive Duquesne research fellowships and grants and research presentation opportunities for undergraduate students as well as research presentation opportunities for graduate students.
  • A limited number of competitive graduate assistantships and other forms of employment for graduate students are available across University departments and offices.
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  • Financial Aid provides information on applying for financial assistance for both undergraduate and graduate students.
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College Credits in High School

The McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts runs the following programs for high school students. These are Duquesne-approved courses that students take for college credit in their high schools.

Summer Workshops for High School Students

Information is sent each spring for summer workshop registration.

On-Campus College Courses for High School Students

We offer several college courses that high school students enroll in and attend on Duquesne's campus. To learn more, please call the Undergraduate Office.

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Hali Evans, MSOD

Director of Undergraduate Recruitment, Liberal Arts

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Assistant to the Dean, Graduate Office