Congratulations on your acceptance into the College of Liberal Arts!

You have taken the steps to apply to the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts and were accepted into your program of choice - congratulations! You have worked hard to get here and should be proud of yourself for this achievement.

What can you achieve with degree from Duquesne's College of Liberal Arts?

Think of your degree as adding flexibility to your career goals. When you graduate with a liberal arts degree, you are able to combine what you are good at with what is important to you - and find a job that both supports your personal goals and honors your sense of purpose. 

Learn to THINK, not just DO

Our goal is to help you find what you are good at so that you can figure out how that is good for the world. Our curriculum allows you to diversify your thinking while simultaneously allowing you to connect themes across multiple disciplines. These foundational skills will set you up for a successful career regardless of path and allow you to reimagine our world for future generations to come.

What's next?

Whether you already have your major picked out or are unsure of what you want to study, we are here to help you through these next steps. We encourage you to explore liberal arts during one of our on-campus events this spring! Can't make it to campus? That's okay, too - we have a number of opportunities to meet virtually to discuss your academic and career goals.

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Liberal Arts Spring Events

Meet some of your future classmates and learn more about the College of Liberal Arts at our Admitted Student Days this spring! Aside from Admissions' programming, students will have the opportunity to hear a presentation from Dean Blair, mingle with our 10+ departments, and sit in on classes without quizzes! Registration is now open for these events.

Admitted Student Days 

These events are open to admitted first-time freshmen as well as transfer students.

March 12, 2023 April 16, 2023


Are you a student with specific transfer-related questions? At our transfer open house, we will focus specifically on questions related to your situation - whether it be questions around credits transferring or what it is like to transfer into Duquesne, we are here to help.

Transfer Open House

Can't make it to campus for the larger Admitted Student Days but still wish to learn about the College of Liberal Arts? In from out of town and are making a long weekend out of your trip to the Bluff? Our Academic Showcases are a great way for you to learn more about our offerings and get a feel for what it's like to be a Liberal Arts student. 

Unable to make it to one of our larger admitted student events this semester? Schedule a campus tour and an individual visit with the College of Liberal Arts to talk about your academic and career goals.

Schedule an On-Campus Visit

Can't make it to an on-campus event this semester? Meet with the College of Liberal Arts virtually to get your questions answered. 

Virtual Appointment


Diversify Your Thinking

Headshot of Myles Wilson

The education you get here allows you to explore diverse offerings and expand your horizons beyond one specific program. As a student in liberal arts, I am pushed to think critically and find common themes across a wide variety of subject areas.

Myles Wilson, current Integrated Marketing Communication major