Think Outside of the Classroom

As a liberal arts student, you are strongly encouraged to pursue valuable out-of-the-classroom experiences through internship opportunities. With Duquesne being in walking distance of Downtown Pittsburgh, you will have endless opportunities to take the skills you learn in the classroom and put them into practice through real-world scenarios. Faculty are often aware of remote internships in their fields of study and can also help you build those connections well beyond the Pittsburgh community. 

The College awards credit for McAnulty Academic Program (MAP) Internships, which are sponsored by academic departments or arranged through partners in Washington, D.C. and London, England. Read more about MAP internships to explore these options.

Students can also explore credit-bearing internships through the Center for Career Development.

Where have our students interned?

We place students in internships at a wide variety of organizations in Pittsburgh and beyond. Some recent internship placements have been at organizations such as:

  • Brunner
  • Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Diocese of Pittsburgh
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Pittsburgh Police
  • Teach for America

During my internship at Southwest Airlines Governmental Affairs Department, I had the opportunity to work with elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels of government. Given the nature of government and the scope of Southwest's operation, I was never without something new and interesting to learn! Every day I had the opportunity to deal with different issues ranging from appropriations to immigration to tax policy.

Sydnie Pennington, Political Science major & Philosophy minor

McAnulty Academic Program (MAP) Internships

The College offers both graduate and undergraduate 1-3 credit internships at the departmental level that can for the most part fulfill either a department major or a graduate degree requirement. Students can choose from internship options as listed below, but can also seek out their own internships. If the internships meet the guidelines for MAP, students are able to receive academic credit for their internship.

Each department within the College of Liberal Arts offers internship opportunities that qualify as a MAP internship. 
The College of Liberal Arts collaborates with the Washington Internship Institute and American University's Washington Semester Program.  Students can reach out to their Student Success Coach for more information around guidelines and applications.
AIFS London-Richmond's semester-long program combines a rigorous academic program and individual attention with a unique opportunity to spend 10 weeks working in major British or international institutions. With a full-time student body of 1,200 from over 100 countries, Richmond makes global culture part of the internship experience. Housing and meals are in college residence halls. Be sure to review Duquesne University's policies and procedures for study abroad if you decide to apply.