Frequently Asked Questions

February 1.
The program begins in the summer semester with an on-campus residency in May. Students begin by taking a three-credit course, GPNG 901 State of the Science and Discovery.
PhD students have four residency requirements during the three- or four-year program. These include Doctoral Week, Study Abroad, Topic and Committee Approval, and Dissertation Final Defense.
The Statistics prerequisite is designed to provide you with the basis for advancement in the PhD program. The content of the courses should include inferential statistics, linear and nonlinear regression, logistic regression, analysis of variance, repeated measures, and generalized linear models. You must include a syllabus from your statistics course with your application packet.

No later than the fall semester prior to beginning the program.

*Please note the course must have been completed within the last 5 years.

Duquesne University School of Education offers an online statistics course each fall, GREV 510 - Statistics I. For PhD in Nursing and PhD in Nursing Ethics students, this must be completed the fall term prior to beginning your summer coursework. If you are a DNP to PhD student who has also met the required Structure of Knowledge prerequisite, you also have the option to enroll in GREV 510 during your first fall semester. To enroll in this course, please follow the special status application process.

If our GREV 510 does not meet your timeline, courses will be accepted from any accredited university with prior approval from the PhD chair. To assist applicants, our PhD faculty have identified online courses through Portage Learning and the University of Phoenix that meet the prerequisite requirements.

If you identify another course that you would like to attend in person or online, please submit the course information for approval prior to enrollment.

If you have any questions, please contact Nursing Recruiter Brian Bost at (412) 396-6539 or

We verify this prerequisite with two documents—your official DNP transcript and the course syllabus. You must provide both documents to meet the requirement.

Upon review of these documents, we will determine if the course prerequisite is met. If it is not met, you will be required to complete GPNG 927 Structure of Nursing Knowledge during your first Fall semester in the DNP to PhD program.

If you have any questions, please contact Nursing Recruiter Brian Bost at (412) 396-6539 or

Yes, candidates with a master's degree in another area will be considered on an individual basis.
We consider all parts of the application and make admission decisions based on the qualifications of the individual to complete doctoral study, ability to complete an online program and the match between the applicant's proposed dissertation research area and our PhD faculty's research interests.
Yes. A maximum of nine PhD level credits from an accredited university and approved program may be transferred toward completion of the requirements for the PhD in Nursing degree.
Students may enroll in either the three-year PhD program or the four-year PhD program. Completion within these timeframes requires the student take six credits of coursework each semester. Completion of the dissertation stage is planned for the final year of the program.
Yes. Students in the three-year program are expected to complete all coursework (core, electives, cognates) within two calendar years. The dissertation is then completed in the third year. Students in the four-year program are expected to complete all coursework (core, electives, cognates) within three calendar years. The dissertation is then completed in the fourth year. The degree must be completed within eight calendar years from the semester in which the student completes the first course for the degree.
Using a computer and an Internet Service Provider (ISP), a student can work on coursework whenever and wherever it is most convenient. Even though the online class may be more accessible to a student’s schedule, the content and workload are comparable to a face-to-face course.
All graduate nursing courses are available online.
Yes. See our Financial Aid section for important links.
Please visit the Office of Admissions for current tuition information.
Yes. There are a variety of ways in which you may be eligible for our Tuition Discount Program.
Applicants must meet the admissions criteria of the Duquesne University School of Nursing. The admissions process for nursing graduate students is handled exclusively by the School of Nursing.
Please contact Nursing Recruiter Brian Bost at (412) 396-6539 or