Choosing to become a nurse may be one of the best decisions you will ever make. You have chosen to enter a challenging but highly rewarding career, and we are here to ensure you are prepared for anything.

As a Duquesne nursing student, you will gain critical thinking skills needed for the dynamic health care environment, while also learning how to see and treat a patient holistically. By blending traditional classroom instruction with simulation labs and hands-on clinical experiences, you will enter the profession with a strong, broad-based clinical foundation for nursing practice.

We can't wait to welcome you on campus. Until then, please refer to this page for resources and different ways of connecting with campus contacts, current students and your fellow classmates.

Important Dates

Second Degree Nursing Accepted Students Day: April 20

Save the Date for Second Degree BSN ASD 2024 for a day filled with important information as we move towards the fall semester!

Deadline to Deposit: June 15

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to become a student, and the deposit must be made by Saturday, June 15.

Pay your Deposit

Next Steps Communication: Early June

In early June, School of Nursing welcome packets will be emailed and are filled with useful information such as class registrations, student handbook review and health and clinical requirements.

Start of Fall Semester: August 26

Classes begin on Monday, August 26. The academic calendar has important dates for the semester.

Academic Calendar

BSN Second Degree Alumni

Katherine Kolber, Class of 2022

Do you have any advice for prospective and incoming Second Degree students? 

Katherine Kolber
For prospective students, if you're on the fence about putting off a year of your life to come back to school for Nursing, do it. It's well worth it. I had considered the switch to Nursing for three years before actually starting the program. It can be scary to make such a major career change depending on your first degree and background, but I wish I would have had someone telling me to go for it and how worth it it would be. My previous degrees were in Business and Psychology. I worked in Advertising and Marketing for 5 years previously. If you're not feeling fulfilled or like your work is meaningful in your current career, you will absolutely find fulfillment with Nursing. I wish I had made the change earlier. 

For incoming students, enjoy the more relaxed pace of the Fall semester, because Spring semester and Summer semester are very busy. On the positive side, since you're eating, sleeping, and breathing nursing for an entire year, you'll gain more confidence as you get more entrenched in the program. You really feel like all of the knowledge you've learned comes together in the Summer semester. It's easy to get caught up in your work, but I would encourage you to do something for yourself once a day that's not school-related. The power center is great for a workout during your lunch break or even doing something as simple as stepping off campus and getting a quick bite to eat in the city with classmates. Duquesne's location is great with it being in the heart of the city. 

What does an average "day in life" look like for a Second Degree student? 

It depends on the day. In both the Spring and the Summer semesters you'll be in a full day of lectures both Monday and Tuesday with clinical rotations on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. On the lecture days, you'll spend a lot of time in class and most likely complete assignments that are due when you're out of class. I found clinical days to be a good time to study for the next upcoming exam when I got out of the hospital. 

Why did you decide to attend Duquesne University School of Nursing? 

There are a few reasons I chose Duquesne. I was looking at two other accelerated 12-month Nursing programs back home in New York. Neither of those programs started students in clinical rotations until the second half of the program. With an accelerated program being so fast-paced, I wanted to start my clinical experience in the hospital right away. Having classroom lectures paired with the clinical hands-on portion really helped solidify what I was learning in class. We started in the hospital during our second week of classes which is huge and uncommon for many other accelerated programs. I also knew Duquesne had an excellent reputation for Nursing. The most successful nurses I know attended Duquesne. Along with being a reputable school, I wanted the fastest program possible. I appreciated that Duquesne offered the 12-month option.

Lauren Sines, Class of 2023

 How did your Duquesne nursing education prepare you for the NCLEX exam upon graduating?

I feel as if Duquesne's nursing education prepared me in the best way it could have. I took the NCLEX less than 3 weeks after graduation, and to be completely honest, I did not study much in between. While taking the exam, I did not feel as if the questions got much harder as the exam continued, and my exam turned off at the minimum 85 questions. Therefore, I believe that Duquesne prepared me as well as to not have to do extra preparation between graduation and taking the exam, for the exam to not feel as if it became harder throughout, and to pass in the minimum number of questions. I'd even say that some of the exams at Duquesne were harder (which ultimately did better prepare me to be and do my best on the NCLEX). 

Where are you now?

As I mentioned, I'm at West Penn Hospital on the Mother Baby/Postpartum Unit. I fell in love with the specialty during that clinical in the beginning of the spring semester (I was at Jefferson Hospital for the clinical). I decided to shadow at West Penn on the unit during my spring break, during which I interviewed with the manager. I was offered a position (in March 2023), to then start as a registered nurse after graduation (as I mentioned, I started in September 2023). I've been there just a little over 6 months. 

If you could tell someone who is considering a Second Degree BSN program anything, what would you tell them?

For someone considering the second-degree nursing program, I would highly recommend it. I did the 12-month program, which will be busy and intense, but it was worth it in every aspect imaginable. Despite how it might seem, I was able to balance studying/schoolwork/clinicals, hanging out with my boyfriend and friends, and training for the Pittsburgh marathon. If I had the chance to do it over again, I wouldn't change anything about my decision or experience with the program. 

Benjamin Sette, Class of 2023

Why did you choose the 16-month track?

I chose the 16-month track because it aligned with my education needs. I knew that I would be able to take the time to learn all that I needed to know in a way that fit my schedule and academic goals. 

Why did you choose Duquesne?

I chose Duquesne because of its affiliation with the various hospital systems in the Pittsburgh area. My goal was to learn from a variety of different people all with varying degrees of knowledge and experience.

Tell us where you are now!

I am currently at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh in their Cardiac ICU. I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity! I know that I am very fortunate to have made the connections that I did while at Duquesne that helped  make this career possible. 

Jessica Winchell, Class of 2023

What guided your decision to attend Duquesne?

Choosing to attend Duquesne has aligned with three important principles I value; saving time, money and effort. Duquesne required many of the same prerequisites as other ABSN programs, but something that has set Duquesne apart from the others is the time frame that I was able to begin. I was able to begin the ABSN program much sooner, meaning that in the long run, it saves me time because I am able to start sooner, graduate sooner and begin my career sooner, thus also saving money and effort. Despite those being the deciding factors to choose Duquesne, I have been matched with meaningful experiences, knowledgeable faculty members, and helpful classmates. These ultimately have aided in my success thus far in the program. I am eager to see what additional opportunities the rest of my program will provide me with!

Zachary Carpenter, Class of 2023

What made you choose Duquesne?

I decided to attend Duquesne based on the ABSN program's history of success in preparing new nurses for the workforce. Coming from a field outside of medicine, it was important for me to find a program that offered a wealth of clinical experience. Duquesne is deeply integrated into the region's best hospitals which has allowed me to learn key hands-on nursing skills. I have found the professors and support staff at Duquesne to be incredibly supportive of student success. The ABSN program is definitely challenging, but Duquesne provides us with the resources to be successful as students and future nurses. As a non-Pittsburgh native, I have also fallen in love with city. Pittsburgh has been a great place for me to begin my nursing journey.


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Duquesne University Tour

View our beautiful campus via this virtual tour, which is led by Duquesne students.

Learning and Simulation Center

The Learning & Simulation Center will help you learn practical nursing skills in the safety of a simulation lab. Watch an official video tour of the Learning and Simulation Center and/or join our nursing recruiters for a walkthrough of the Center.

Diversity and Student Inclusion

The Center for Excellence in Diversity and Student Inclusion helps by providing support services and opportunities for learning. The Center coordinates community-wide events and programs to celebrate, acknowledge campus leaders and raise awareness about critical issues.

Office of Financial Aid

Duquesne University is pleased to announce a $10,000 Tuition Award to all new Second Degree BSN students enrolled in the Fall 2023 semester, regardless of whether you select the 12-month or 16-month format of study. Please review the other Financial Aid opportunities specific to Second Degree BSN students.

Financial Aid PowerPoint as presented at the March 25, 2023 Accepted Student Day.

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The Office of Residence Life provides a highly trained staff of live-in Resident Directors, Assistant Resident Directors and Resident Assistants who are available to support you on a daily basis (24 hours a day, in fact).