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Earn a well-rounded engineering degree that encompasses mathematics, science, engineering, and the liberal arts, all rooted in the Spiritan principles of serving others. Through a comprehensive, hands-on approach, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to tackle real-world challenges. Our dedicated faculty foster innovation and ethical practice to ensure your readiness not only for success but also to make a significant impact in the engineering industry.

In your first year of engineering coursework, you will be prepared for a 4-year degree while having the flexibility to explore different engineering fields. Hands-on experiential learning opportunities will broaden your horizons, providing a solid foundation in physics, mathematics, and systems.

You'll receive personalized guidance from faculty members, many of whom are experienced engineers, as well as support from Student Success Coaches who will assist you in discovering the engineering path that best suits your goals. Transitioning to your chosen engineering pathway for the subsequent years to earn your bachelor's degree in Engineering is made seamless.

If you're considering transferring, our Bridges curriculum simplifies the process, allowing you to smoothly transition into our Engineering Programs.

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Maddy Gormley

Enrollment Coordinator

Science and Engineering

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Engineering Year-1 Program Offers:

  • Engineering first-year coursework prepares you for a 4-year degree while providing time for you to decide on an engineering field of study.
  • Hands-on experiential learning opportunities will expand your horizons to what’s possible while building a firm foundation in physics, math and systems.
  • Personalized guidance from faculty, many of whom are engineers themselves, and Student Success Coaches who will walk alongside you to help discover the engineering path that’s right for you.
  • Easy transition to your chosen engineering pathway for Years 2+ to earn your bachelors in Engineering degree.
  • Ready to Transfer? Our Bridges curriculum makes it easy to transfer into our Early Access Engineering Programs.
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faculty member and student doing hands-on research

General Engineering

Benefit from a curriculum designed to instill a strong foundation in core engineering principles. Beyond the confines of textbooks and lectures, you will be encouraged to immerse yourself in hands-on research experiences that provide you with the tools to translate theory into practice.

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biomedical engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Embark on an innovative educational journey that merges biology and engineering to propel healthcare technology forward. Here, you'll have access to cutting-edge research opportunities and benefit from expert faculty guidance, empowering you to shape the future of medical science and engineering.

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environmental Engineering

Environmental & Energy Engineering

Become a problem-solving environmental & energy engineer, addressing complex sustainability and energy challenges. With hands-on experiences and a focus on innovative solutions, you'll graduate equipped to make a positive impact on our environment and society.

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mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Create innovative, practical solutions in the field of mechanical engineering. Through hands-on experiences and expert faculty guidance, you'll gain the skills to contribute to advancements in technology.

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systems engineering

Systems Engineering

Master the intricacies of complex systems and design efficient solutions to real-world problems. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration and practical experience, this program equips you to drive innovation in diverse industries.

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Return on academic investment

100kEntry Salary

Graduates in the Engineering field earn nearly six figures post graduation and more than $200,000 with 10 or more years of experience.

Hands-On Experience

You will gain transformative hands-on experience that empowers you to apply theory to practice and solve real-world engineering challenges.

#1Highest Paying Major

STEM degrees dominate the rankings for highest-paying majors and STEM careers continue to offer highly competitive salaries in the job market.

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students of the SACNAS organization

Student Organizations

You can explore your interests through approximately 14 student organizations, which are open to science and engineering majors. These options include joining the American Chemical Society, the Biomedical Engineering Society, the Society of Women Engineers, and the Multicultural STEM Group, among others, to connect with like-minded peers and pursue your passions.

student at a NASA internship

Experiential Learning in Science

Our engineering programs emphasize experiential learning through science-based projects and collaborations with regional employers, enabling you to make a positive impact on the lives of people locally and globally.

Hear from our students and faculty

Amanda Trusiak

As a first-year student I took a lot of math and science courses, as well as introduction courses to BME and programming. I recommend Duquesne for prospective students looking to study engineering. Duquesne opened many doors for me that I never knew possible.

Amanda Trusiak '21, '22 B.S. and M.S., BioMedical Engineering
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Tori Kocsis

"The school provided many opportunities to conduct research my freshman year. Working with my professors and fellow students in our labs not only better prepared me for my academic career, but for my long-term future as well."

Tori Kocsis Graduate BME student
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Dr. John Viator

The ABET accreditation provides our students and alumni with an advantage as they pursue their career goals."

Dr. John Viator Biomedical Engineering Chair
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Engineering Program FAQs

Yes, you are able to take general engineering coursework in your first year.

We will transition engineering and other science students to their selected engineering field of study starting Fall 2024.

Fields of study include: general,
biomedical, environmental, mechanical or systems, as well as binary engineering, degree programs.
For now, the admission requirements are similar for all students seeking an engineering degree at Duquesne, and the path once admitted is the same: complete the first two years of the general curriculum while preparing to pursue a specific program in your third year. Faculty and advisors will help ensure you are preparing correctly to reach your goals.
General engineering courses help you to build a firm foundation in math, physics and systems. All engineering programs begin with general engineering coursework starting in your first year.
One of the strengths of our science and engineering programs is that you will gain hands-on experience early in their academic careers.

Starting in your first year, you have access to our maker spaces and labs to
better prepare you to produce high-quality work for your next move, whether that’s taking a position in industry or going to graduate school.

Here, you'll
gain a competitive advantage to a meaningful career.
The University is preparing Success Coaches to understand the steps to take in order to transfer current students into engineering programs. The best first step is to speak with your Success Coach and let that person know your interest.