Discover Science – Undecided

Considering possible majors? Finding a way to combine your interests? That's good! Many students begin college before they decide on a major, and many students change their major at some point in their academic journey.

Discover Your Strengths

From the moment you step on campus, the entire Duquesne community is rooting for your success and will help you find a Science career path that is right for you.

Your first year as Science student is about exploring your options and discovering your strengths by:

  • Attending a variety of courses in biology, chemistry, physics, math, computer science and engineering
  • Participating in hands-on research and working in state-of-the-art laboratories
  • Discussing your strengths, interests and goals with supportive faculty, academic advisors and other science students
  • Engaging in on-campus science events and community experiences

Program Information

Whether you consider yourself undecided, undeclared or exploring possible majors, we'll help you find a science career path that is right for you in our Discover Science program.



I Can Help You Reach Your Bigger Goals!

As your Enrollment Coordinator, I can help you get started on your educational path. Please contact me if you have questions.

Maddy Gormley

Enrollment Coordinator

School of Science and Engineering

Maddy Gormley

Your Student Success Coach

Benefit from individualized career counseling and coaching provided by your student success coach.

Phillip Palmer, Ph.D.

Phillip Palmer, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean

Dee Dawson

Dee Dawson

Undergraduate Student Success Coach

Tiffany Kells

Tiffany Kells

Graduate Student Success Coach

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

Undergraduate Student Success Coach

Justine Valenti

Justine Valenti

Undergraduate Student Success Coach

Our Bridges Curriculum

Along with your Science courses, you will also take Duquesne's Bridges Common Learning Experience curriculum. Bridges prepares you for what's next and ensures you'll never have to narrow your ambitions.

Bridges curriculum is designed to overlap with every major at Duquesne so you can explore which major is right for you while having the opportunity to discover new interests or pursue additional goals.

Discover What's Next

Join at least one of our 275+ student organizations—with a variety in STEM—and connect with our Center for Career Development to learn more about:

  • Personalized career counseling and coaching
  • In-person/virtual career-focused workshops
  • Career fair and networking events
  • Job shadowing/internships opportunities
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Helping You Reach Your Bigger Goals

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Student Organizations

You can explore your interests through approximately 14 student organizations, which are open to science and engineering majors. These options include joining the American Chemical Society, the Biomedical Engineering Society, the Society of Women Engineers, and the Multicultural STEM Group, among others, to connect with like-minded peers and pursue your passions.

student at nasa internship

Community-Engaged Learning

Our programs emphasize community engagement through science-based projects and collaborations with regional employers, enabling you to make a positive impact on the lives of people locally and globally.

Degrees & Programs

You'll have the opportunity to tailor your academic journey by choosing from an extensive array of undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Sciences tailors its curriculum to meet your unique aspirations while providing you with the essential knowledge and skills for success in diverse career paths.


The Biotechnology program is designed to equip you with the expertise to excel in both the scientific and business domains of the biotechnology field, providing opportunities to demonstrate your written presentation skills through research projects, internships, and independent study courses.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry emphasizes practical application and hands-on experiences, equipping you with the essential knowledge, skills, and opportunities to excel in various career trajectories.


Whether you're pursuing general, binary, mechanical, environmental, or systems engineering, our programs are designed to empower you for success in your engineering career.

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Environmental Science and Studies

The Environmental Science and Studies program delivers a well-rounded education, fostering a diverse skill set to prepare you for successful careers and advanced studies within the field of environmental sciences.

student and faculty

Forensic Science and Law

The Master's degree program in Forensic Science and Law integrates a comprehensive curriculum, blending the study of forensic science techniques and principles with a profound understanding of the legal system.

Math and Computer Science

The Department of Math and Computer Science provides a comprehensive curriculum, integrating interdisciplinary courses in mathematics and computer science, while our graduate programs offer specialized study in advanced subjects.


The Physics department prepares you for success in academia, industry, or science communication by imparting the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking essential for your chosen path, offering hands-on research opportunities, personalized mentorship, and empowering you to actively participate in scientific discovery for a fulfilling career in innovation.