Every undergraduate student attending the University is assigned a Student Success Coach to be their source of academic advisement. Students must consult with the Student Success Coach with regard to any questions of an academic nature.  Students need to get Success Coach approval for most academic decisions including course registration, declaring a major, changing course schedule and course withdrawal.

Academic Advisement For Student Athletes

The policy of the Council of Academic Deans on Student Athletes with regard to academic standards reads as follows:

  1. To participate in the formal athletic programs at the University, a student must be currently enrolled as a full-time student. Full-time status is defined by University catalog as enrollment of 12 credits minimum per semester. Such a program would allow a student to graduate within five years.
  2. A student athlete must be making satisfactory academic progress. This means that a student must have successfully completed 24 credits during the previous academic year. This would allow a student the fall, spring, and summer semesters in which to earn these 24 credits. In addition the student-athlete must satisfy the student standing policy as outlined in the Student Handbook and University catalogs.
  3. Student-athletes must maintain a 2.0 cumulative QPA at all times in order to be academically eligible to compete in inter-collegiate competition. QPAs for student athletes are calculated at the end of each semester.

Academic Coordinator of Intercollegiate Athletics

The academic progress of student athletes engaged in intercollegiate competition is monitored by the office of the Academic Coordinator of Intercollegiate Athletics. This office also provides other academic support services for student athletics including, but not limited to, study halls, tutorial assistance, academic advisement, registration assistance and orientation.