A student who wishes to return to Duquesne to complete an undergraduate degree program who is not on an approved Leave of Absence and has missed more than two consecutive semesters (excluding summer) must apply for readmission through the Office of Admission. If readmitted, the student is subject to the original statute of limitations for completion of the program but is obliged to follow policies and academic regulations and meet degree requirements in effect at the time of readmission. Students considering an application for readmission should do so within a timeframe that enables completion of remaining coursework prior to the point of their 10-year Statute of Limitations. Students may not be readmitted to a degree, major, and/or minor that is no longer active.

If the original statute of limitations has expired, did not exist, or otherwise prohibits the ability to complete the program, a readmitted student will be held to all academic regulations as they exist in the academic year of readmission. Prior completed coursework will not automatically count toward the new program requirements. Only coursework that was completed within a ten-year period immediately preceding the anticipated graduation date may be used if required for the program of study. Any such coursework must be in compliance with university, school, and program requirements (i.e., Core Curriculum, grade requirements, etc.). Coursework that exceeds this limit is subject to review for currency and applicability to the program of study by the appropriate school official. Students may be expected to repeat courses or take additional coursework in order to meet current program requirements.

Prior to being readmitted, all outstanding financial obligations to the university must be met, and any judicial issues must be resolved. In addition to applying for readmission, a student who was dismissed for academic reasons must also file an appeal for readmission to the Committee on Student Standing of the school from which he or she was dismissed. Students who have been academically dismissed more than once are not eligible for readmission or appeal.

Students whose absences are due to an approved Leave of Absence are not required to reapply for admission in order to return to the University if the student was in good standing when the leave was granted. See Leave of Absence policy for details. Millitary service women and men or their spouses who are called to active duty are not required to reapply for admission in order to return to the university.