Duquesne University prohibits recording and/or transmitting classroom lectures, power points, and discussions by students unless express permission had been obtained from the class instructor.  This policy flows from a recognition that instructors and the University have intellectual property interests in classroom lectures and related materials; as well, privacy interests are served when students can engage in open discussion in the classroom; moreover, sensitive materials at times are discussed in classroom settings that could disclose confidential information, reflect negatively on the University and/or violate ethical or professional standards if disseminated beyond the classroom.

When permitted by an instructor, audio or visual recording of lectures or class presentations is solely authorized for the purpose of individual or group study with other students enrolled in the relevant course.  Permission to allow the recording does not transfer any copyright in the recording.  The recording may not be reproduced, disseminated (except to other students in the class) or uploaded to publicly accessible internet or websites.  Additionally, recordings, course materials (whether electronic or paper), and lecture notes may not be disseminated or distributed for commercial purposes, for compensation, or for any purpose other than for study by students enrolled in the relevant course.  Public dissemination of such materials may constitute copyright infringement in violation of state and/or federal law.  Violation of this policy may also subject a student to discipline under the Duquesne University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct.  This policy applies to courses taught at Duquesne University including online courses, distance-learning courses and/or courses conducted electronically or over the internet.

Students should review the relevant course syllabus for instructions regarding the instructor's policy on audio and/or video classroom recordings.  Unless specifically authorized by the syllabus, any student interested in recording classroom lectures should discuss the matter with the instructor and obtain express permission to do so.