Regular class attendance is strongly encouraged to facilitate maximum educational advantage. Attendance may take the form of in-person or online participation. Instructors are required to articulate a course attendance policy within the course syllabus. The attendance policy must include the impact of attendance on related course outcomes (e.g., assignments, examinations, presentations, final course grade, etc.) Regardless of the modality of delivery, students are expected to adhere to each instructor's course attendance policy.

In the case of absence, students are responsible for consulting the course syllabus and instructor regarding fulfilling missed course content. Students who are unable to attend class because of sanctioned university events, or extenuating circumstances such as illness, accident, or hospitalization, or COVID19-related reasons, should notify the instructor and be prepared to supply the instructor and others with any written verifications of the absences as required in the course syllabus. If technical circumstances prevent students from entering the class online site, it is the students' responsibility to notify the instructor in a timely manner and to work out a plan to make up the missed classwork.