To obtain graduate credit, students enrolled in a single course that carries a separate undergraduate and graduate designation or number (e.g., courses cross-listed as both undergraduate and graduate courses) must register for the graduate course and must complete specific published requirements that are at a graduate level. Distinctions between undergraduate and graduate expectations must be delineated for such courses and be clearly articulated in course syllabi.

Undergraduate courses may not be used to fulfill graduate degree requirements. When undergraduate and graduate courses are cross-listed, students must be registered in the graduate course in order to receive credit at the graduate level. Since course requirements vary for cross-listed courses for undergraduate and graduate students, undergraduate courses may not subsequently be substituted for graduate courses to fulfill graduate degree requirements. If a graduate student previously completed an undergraduate course which is cross-listed at the graduate level, the course requirement at the graduate level may be waived at the discretion of the program director. Regardless of such a waiver, students are required to meet the credit requirement for the degree and may be required to substitute a course for the waived course.