After reviewing the details below, if you have questions about your individual case please contact Graduate Enrollment Services ( prior to submitting your deposit and requesting a deferral.

An offer of admission to Duquesne University's graduate and professional programs is made only for the start term that the applicant originally applied for. An applicant may only request a deferral for the same program to which they originally applied. If an applicant wants to enter a different program, they must complete a new application for the desired program.

Deferral Process

  • To request a deferral, an applicant must pay their graduate enrollment deposit and submit a Deferral Request Form that is located within the applicant portal.
  • Reasons for deferral can include: work-related, unexpected personal circumstances, religious obligations, illness, military service, visa issues.
  • Deferrals can only be granted to students who have been admitted.
  • The applicant's original submitted credentials will carry over to the new application and will not need to be resubmitted. At the request of the graduate program, an applicant may be required to submit new materials, such as a personal statement or resume.
  • Funding (ex. assistantship/scholarship) is not guaranteed to move with a deferral. The original program funding may not be available as funding is evaluated based on the start term.

An applicant who requests and is approved to defer admission is considered under an obligation to enroll and attend the graduate program for the next available start term. The applicant's original enrollment deposit will be applied to the new start term.

Under exceptional circumstances, where the deferred student is unable to start in the next available term, the deferral may be extended up to two additional start terms for programs that enroll fall, spring and summer semesters not to exceed one year from the original semester of acceptance. For programs enrolling once per year, the applicant will need to submit a new application if they are unable to start in the next available start term and will be reviewed as a new applicant.

All requests for a deferral must be submitted no later than 10 business days prior to the start of the intended start term. Approval/denial of the deferral request will occur within one week of receipt of the form.

Deferral approval is not guaranteed. If the applicant's request is not approved, they can continue with the start term of the original application or re-apply for a later term. Enrollment deposits are non-refundable.

International students who are approved for deferral will be required to submit updated international student documentation (including financial support). Students will be notified by the Center for Global Engagement when this required documentation becomes necessary.

***Consideration beyond the one deferral requires submission of a new application, required application materials and enrollment deposit.