Tuition Remission to Attend Duquesne University

The University offers academic benefits in the form of tuition remission to attend Duquesne to all full-time, non-temporary employees, their spouses, and their dependent children, providing they meet the admission requirements of the University. Certain part-time employees are eligible for this benefit as. Complete information can be found in TAP 13 - Academic Benefits - Tuition Remission.

Tuition Remission Form

Form submission deadlines for each semester

  • Spring 2023 - 1/5/2023
  • Summer 2023 - 5/8/2023

Forms not submitted by the deadline may result in a 5% reduction in tuition benefits.

Tuition Exchange Benefits to Attend Another College

Tuition Exchange Form - deadline November 15, 2022

The University also participates in the Tuition Exchange and Council of Independent Colleges Program. Details may be obtained by contacting the Office of Financial Aid at 412-396-6607 or going to the Tuition Exchange Web site. These programs are limited to full-time undergraduate students.