Institutional Records of Student Complaints

The policies and methods used by Duquesne University to handle student complaints and to document these complaints are described in The Administrative Policies (TAP) 30, 31 and 61 and the Student Code of Conduct

The policies indicate the timeline for reviewing and resolving complaints so they are resolved in a timely manner.

These complaints are reviewed periodically to identify any pattern of student complaints that raise concerns.

This documentation is used to make improvements and enhancements to the quality of the institution as a whole through the provision of programming that addresses issues of concern.

Verification of Compliance with Accreditation-Relevant Federal Regulations - Rev. 12.17.2015

Complaint Resolution and State Disclosures for Online Students

Duquesne University strives to provide the highest quality educational opportunities available. However, if a conflict does arise, our efforts are meant to resolve your grievances, complaints, and concerns in an expeditious, fair, and amicable manner. Online students residing outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania while attending Duquesne University should first contact the office where the issue has arisen (Office of the Provost, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, etc.) for resolution. 

If an issue cannot be resolved by Duquesne University's internal processes, you may choose to file a complaint with your state of residence, view state authorization information.