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Student Life

Q:  Do I have to live on campus?

A:  Freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus or commute from home. Once a student becomes a junior, the choice is theirs to live on campus or not. There is housing readily available for those students who choose to stay for their later years.

Q:  When can I have a car on campus?

A:  Students are permitted to bring a car on campus starting the first semester of their freshmen year. Parking is permitted by permit only on Duquesne's campus. Our prices are some of the best in the city and provide students with a convenient location to keep their vehicles.

Q:  How many students go to Duquesne?

A:  There are about 10,000 students enrolled at Duquesne. About 6,000 of those are undergraduate students and about 4,000 are graduate students.

Q:  How big will my classes be?  What is the student to professor ratio?

A:  The average class size at Duquesne is 28 students. In your first few years, you may have some larger classes of 100-150 students depending on your major, but the education you receive will always have a personal touch. There are 14 students to every one professor, and professors are more than easy to talk to and to seek out for help if you need it.

Q:  Can you tell me about student housing?

A:  Duquesne has three different kinds of living for its students. Duquesne has Living Learning Centers. Towers houses freshmen and sophomores, St. Ann and St. Martin both house freshmen and Assumption Hall is for the Honors College Students.

Each room comes with a bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, wardrobe and mattress for each student. All buildings have heat and air conditioning as well as Wi-Fi and cable. You can bring your own refrigerator and microwave or rent one from the University. All residence halls offer free laundry for all of their students.

For juniors and seniors, there are full-sized studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments available in Brottier Hall. Suites are also an option for sophomores and above, with bigger rooms and private bathrooms, in Vickroy Hall and Des Places Hall.

Q:  I am interested in playing a Division 1 sport.  Where do I go from here?

A:  If you wish to be recruited, talk to the coach of the team ASAP so that you can take the necessary steps to getting recruited. If you want to walk on, contact athletics to get to know the procedure.

Q:  How safe is Duquesne's campus?

A:  Duquesne is one of the safest urban campuses in the country. We have our own police force full of trained police officers patrolling the campus 24/7/365. They offer an escort service from anywhere on or around campus. There are state-of-the-art video surveillance systems throughout campus and in every building. A DU Emergency Alert system that will text you if anything were to happen on or around campus is also in place. We also have a fire department and UPMC Mercy Hospital nearby in case either service were to be needed.

Q:  Can I study abroad?

A:  Of course! We offer many different programs for students to study outside of the country. There are semester-long opportunities, Spring Break Away classes which travel abroad for the ten days of Spring Break, and Maymester in which students go abroad for the month of May. We also have a Duquesne Campus in Rome Italy and Duquesne in Dublin.

Q:  What are the different types of meal plans available on campus?  Where can I use the meal plan?  Are there vegetarian and vegan options?

A:  Duquesne runs on a block meal plan system. Students have a choice between four different blocks with a number of meals ranging between 175 and 275 meals per semester. The meal plan includes a certain number of Duquesne Dining Dollars known as FLEX.

With those meals, students can eat at a variety of locations on campus, which include:

  • Hogan Dining Center - Located in Towers, this is the all-you-care-to-eat option on campus
  • Campus Market - Also located in Towers, this is the campus grocery store
  • The Incline - Located in the Union, this location has burgers, fries, pizza, hoagies, salads as well as miscellaneous food items
  • Chick-fil-A - Also located in the Union on the fifth floor
  • Cinco Cantina - Made-to-order Mexican food located on the fifth floor of the Union
  • Starbucks - On the second floor of the Union, students can enjoy Starbucks coffee using their meal plan
  • Coffee Tree Roasters - Coffee shop in the Law school
  • Rockwell Market - A market in Rockwell Hall that offers on-the-go meals, packaged items, coffee and more
  • Freshens - A frozen yogurt, smoothie and crepe restaurant on the bottom floor of the Power Center
  • The Red Ring Bar & Grille - A full-service restaurant next to Freshens in the Power Center

Duquesne is a proud partner with Parkhurst dining company, who supplies the University with fresh food from local farms. They also provide us with vegetarian and vegan options for those students with dietary restrictions.

Q:  Do most students go home on the weekends?

A:  Duquesne is a very active place on the weekends and most students who live on campus tend to stay on campus most weekends of the academic year. Duquesne also offers many weekend activities in which students partake in, such as weekend concerts, trips to local places such as Kennywood, the local amusement park, and dances.

Q:  How many students live on campus?

A:  3,900 students live in our Living Learning Centers, which include 95% of our freshmen and sophomores as well as many upperclassmen.

Q:  How popular is Greek Life on Campus?

A:  There are currently 11 fraternities and 9 sororities on campus. About 30-45% of our undergraduate students are in one of those organizations. Students cannot rush until the second semester of their freshmen year, and they are put through a process that allows them to meet all of the organizations if they so choose.