Organizing Committee

2018 Day for Learning and Speaking Out Organizing Committee:

Kathy Glass, McAnulty, Co-Chair

Anna Scheid, McAnulty, Co-Chair

Michelle Blohm, Center for Catholic Faith and Culture

Marla Bradford, Office of Human Resources

Elizabeth Cochran, McAnulty

Shawn Coleman, Center for Student Wellbeing

Kate DeLuca, School of Nursing

Luci-Jo DiMaggio, Mission Animation

Erik Garrett, McAnulty

Gretchen Generett, School of Education

Jalila Jefferson, School of Law

Jayme Jenkins, McAnulty

Christine Lorenz, McAnulty

Leswin Laubscher,  McAnulty

Emad Mirmotahari, McAnulty

Angelle Pryor, Center for Community-Engaged Teaching and Research

Marcia Rapchak, McAnulty

Autumn Redcross, Gussin Spiritan Division

Erin Rentschler, Center for Teaching Excellence

Arne Romanowski, McAnulty

Adina Rubin-Budick, McAnulty

Deborah Scigliano, School of Education

Matthew Walsh, Center for Student Wellbeing

Darlene Weaver, Center for Catholic Faith and Culture