Photo of Jane Cubbison

Jane Cubbison

Mary Pappert School of Music

Academic Advisor, The consummate listener

Jane has worked at Duquesne University for 16 years. She started her career here in the Office of Human Resources before coming to the music school ten years ago.

Both of Jane's children graduated from Duquesne. Her son A.J. studied athletic training and her daughter Beth got a degree in multimedia production. She also has three granddaughters -Addie, Grace and Lucia.

"When you're on this campus you just get this sense that the mission statement is alive because we all embrace it."

As an academic advisor she says, "here I get to interact with more kids. You get to see the kids all the time. You get to learn their stories and watch them graduate, watch them grow. It is so much fun to see a freshman come in, you introduce yourself to them, you get to know them, and by the time they are leaving you see them be the mature adult they've become. It's really exciting to see that."

"Sometimes you listen to their problems and sometimes you get to revel in their accomplishments." Jane always has candy on hand for students that need a little lift or will even give them money for lunch if they need it.

"The stress (of school) can be crushing for some of them. And you just need to be there for them to talk about it. You have to have an open door." She remarked that "it's what you do for the least of thee and that's why we're here."