We train our lawyers to acquire extensive expertise on principles, rulings, and theories of law while at the same time preparing them with the skills they need to succeed in practice. Recognizing the rapidly changing landscape unfolding before us, we are committed to equipping our lawyers for modern law practice. As part of our Vision, we are integrating critical skills such as financial fluency and business acumen along with a sophistication and command of emerging technology trends that are transforming our society and global economy.

To enhance the financial fluency of our graduates, we created a course titled "Financial Toolkit for Lawyers." This week-long, intensive class provides our students with a practical introduction to finance and its application to law. The overarching goal is to is to help our students become more intelligent consumers of accounting information, such as balance sheets, assets, and income statements. They profit from studying financial numeracy, and taking a fiscal proficiency into the marketplace.

Additionally, our students may enroll in a variety of externships to gain valuable, real world experience. Students may engage in private practice, government, judicial, and public interest externships, gaining meaningful, hands-on training with close faculty and practitioner oversight.

Always forging toward the future, we developed a "Business Essentials" micro-credential to accompany our J.D. degree. Working with the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business, this micro-credential aligns with the future of work and learning, and provides our graduates students with the business acumen and the financial tools needed to succeed in contemporary law practice.

Law students are also able to register for graduate courses offered through other schools on campus including courses in the health sciences, business, and science and engineering.

As the world continues to evolve so does technology. Alongside the law and financial literacy, our faculty keep our students well-versed in emerging technology and trends. This critical component ensures they understand the use of technologies and the implication they have on the practice of law.

If you are interested in learning more about how our Duquesne University Thomas R. Kline School of Law of Duquesne University can prepare you for collaborative success, contact our admissions team today.